Cable Car Catastrophe in Medellin Leaves One Dead, 20 Injured


In the bustling streets of Medellin, Colombia’s second-largest city, Wednesday’s busy hum succumbed to horrifying chaos when a gondola-style cable car came crashing down onto a pedestrian pathway near a station platform. The accident, which occurred as part of the bustling city’s pivotal public transportation system, claimed the life of one individual and left twenty others grappling with injuries, as per official reports.

The fatal victim, whether a pedestrian on the ground or passenger aboard the cable car, could not be immediately confirmed. What is known, as revealed by Medellin’s Mayor Federico Gutiérrez via a social media platform, is that the fallen car was carrying ten passengers when calamity struck.

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Having plunged from a weighty height, the consequences were severe. A 55-year-old man was delivered to the Clínica CES hospital in Medellin carrying a multitude of injuries that would ultimately end his life, a chilling fact stated outright in the hospital’s official communiqué. Local authorities ensured that the 20 injured victims received immediate medical care and the necessary psychological support to cope with the traumatic experience.

The gravity of the situation didn’t end with the accident as it held an additional approximated 200 passengers in suspense. Trapped inside forty cable cars that had become stationary abodes, they could only look on in dread as emergency personnel raced frantically around the wreckage. The city’s disaster manager, Carlos Andrés Quintero, was seen overseeing the rescue efforts.

For those unfamiliar with Medellin, it is useful to know that the city’s Metrocable, equipped with six lines, is a lifeline to some of the city’s low-income neighborhoods, which are nestled precariously on steep hillsides.

The accident was reported to occur during the cable car’s descent when one cabin collided with another before fatally malfunctioning as it neared a station in the city’s northeastern sector. This account was shared with the press by Metrocable’s manager, Tomás Elejalde.

As to the cause of this devastating accident, investigators are still trying to unravel the sequence of events that led to the heart-wrenching catastrophe. In the meantime, the memory of a once-busy Wednesday in Medellin is much quieter now, replaced with a solemn appreciation for the fragility of life.