BWAAAH! Rabbids Amusement Centre Blasts Off in Support of the Kizmet Centre


At the end of this year, the KIZMET Young Child & Parent Centre will open in Sainte-Geneviève as an important family resource centre for all West Island families. The West  Island’s new RABBIDS Amusement Centre has taken up the challenge and has committed to helping make KIZMET a reality. Starting with a special event at the end of January, RABBIDS will support the KIZMET dream through a variety of promotions and publicity for the cause with their corporate partners, and their parent company, Ubisoft. Olivier Ernst, Managing Director at Ubisoft Canada says, “It’s a cause that is important to us as a company and as a participant within the West Island community. We’re proud to be teaming up with WIAIH on this amazing initiative.”WIAIH, the group behind the development of the KIZMET Centre, is particularly please at this partnership because the Rabbids Amusement CENTRE aims to provide a quality environment in which the young child and parent develop their relationship through playing and moving together. According to Lyne Charlebois, Coordinator of WIAIH’s adapted preschool,“Play is the vehicle by which a child’s brain develops. Those behind the Rabbids Amusement Centre have created an environment that entices the parent to take an active part in the child’s play, promoting healthy attachments that are so essential for children to flourish.”

“It takes a lot of experience to undertake a project of this magnitude,” says Natalie Chapman, Executive Director of WIAIH. “Our non-profit organization has a 58 year history on the West Island, and what it takes to make this vision a reality. The space this expansion will provide is essential to WIAIH’s growth.”WIAIH is hoping that other companies will join in to ensure that this unique resource for West island young children becomes a reality. Our society faces many problems that stem directly from early childhood. Paying attention to the early years with an eye to prevention is important and should be our priority.

About Rabbids Amusement Centre
Designed and developed entirely in Montreal, the Rabbids Amusement Centre invites parents and children explore the silly world of the Rabbids in a playful and safe environment. Based on the phenomenally popular gaming franchise of the same name, the Rabbids Amusement Centre is located open seven days a week and it promises an unforgettable time for the entire family. For more information on the Rabbids Amusement Centre, visit the Facebook page and follow #rabbidscentre on social media.
About the KIZMET Centre
Building the KIZMET Centre for young children and parents is WIAIH’s opportunity to be proactive, to continue our 60 years of building community, and improving the lives of West Islanders – all children will be welcome at KIZMET because all children need a happy childhood. When a series of events and happenings in your life just fall into place in such a perfect way that the outcome is unequivocally your beautiful destiny and all is right in the world. This is KIZMET!Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.51.08 PM

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