Buy a face shield for yourself and give to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation


Two West Island companies have joined hands to provide face shields during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kirkland based and France-Mar Inc., do very different work outside of a pandemic.  Splurgdstudio is an online store owned by Kirkland resident, Elizabeth.  France-Mar Plastics Inc., located in Dollard des Ormeaux, the owners, brothers Mark and Cary Gortan, offer a variety of services, cnc machining, thermoforming, and plastic fabrication, custom products as per your specifications or design needs.

“We have developed a reusable visors, repurposing our machine shop to manufacture to offer our visor to hospitals, restaurants, and those that want to have an extra layer of protection” said France-Mar Inc. President, Mark Gortan.  “It is made of PETG (plastic) with an adjustable hook and loop fastener (Velcro), offering ease of care in a sturdy and light construction allowing comfortable wear.  We wanted to help palliate the effects of the rapidly spreading COVID-19. This is comfortable and reusable which will produce less waste long term.”

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While the two companies had never met until recently, the respective owners say a way to give back to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation while providing much needed face shields to the community.   With each order placed, a portion of the sales goes to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, to help them buy what they need for front line healthcare workers.

“Splurgdstudio was already set up to take orders and we added the France-Mar face shields to our offerings,” explained Elizabeth. “This made sense because France-Mar is not set up for retail sales.  We are all happy to be giving the local hospital and facilitating the distribution of the shields.”

How do you order?

Head over to, place your order, use the coupon code westislandblog for the donation portion and VOILÀ!  Canada Post ships orders right to your door.   Splurgdstudio added medical masks, disposable shields and gloves to the offering.