Bus Inferno Kills 21 in Mestre: City Declares State of Mourning


A devastating incident shook the quiet city of Mestre, Italy, situated across the Venetian Lagoon from Antica Venezia. A blaze consumed a bus ensuing in an inferno, leading to the demise of at least 21 people and leaving 18 in grave condition.

The ill-fated bus, conveying foreign tourists, mainly Ukrainians, took a fatal tumble from an elevated passage on a Tuesday whilst on its way to a camping locale situated near the town of Marghera.

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The passengers on the bus found themselves encircled by a roaring blaze. Recalling the lamentable scene, Mauro Luongo, the chief of the Venice Firefighters squad, described the aftermath as gruesome. He noted that it took around an hour to extract some of the bodies from the wreckage.

The aftershock resonated through Venice, the city’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro clinically described the crash site as a sight of apocalypse. In the wake of the tragedy, the Mayor declared the city to be in a state of mourning, to remember and to honor the lost souls.

Among the injured who managed to survive the gruesome accident, four were reported to be in critical condition, as per the report shared by Renato Boraso, an official from Venice. Devastatingly, two of the dead casualties included innocent children, as noted by Michele Di Bari, the Prefect of Venice.

After the accident, emergency protocols were promptly actioned, resulting in the survivors being taken for treatment to various hospitals within the region.

As local media reports, the bus had only fallen a few meters before it met its fiery end, crashing near Mestre’s railway tracks, where it subsequently went ablaze.

The cause of this catastrophic accident remains shrouded in mystery. Luca Zaia, Governor of the Veneto region, expressed difficulty in comprehending the underpinnings of this tragedy in his address to the RAI state television. According to him, the bus was new and electric, not predisposed to malfunctioning, and the road where the mishap occurred was typically non-hazardous.

The incident is reminiscent of past accidents, notably in 2017 when 16 passengers died in a bus accident near the northern city of Verona carrying Hungarian students. A further flashback is the 2013 tragedy which is considered one of Italy’s worst vehicle accidents, where a bus careened off a viaduct near the southern city of Avellino, leading to the deaths of 40 people.