Bus and Idling Plane Collide at O’Hare Airport, Injuring Two


In an unfortunate incident on Friday evening, an idling airplane connected with a shuttle bus at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, resulting in injuries for at least two individuals, as reported by the city’s fire department.

The plane involved was Air Wisconsin Flight 6209, which was in the process of taxiing in preparation for departure prior to the collision. The Federal Aviation Administration supplied this information, although specific information about the two reported injuries remained elusive.

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Six staff members from American Airlines, present on the bus during the incident, were promptly transported to an area hospital for evaluation. Official correspondence from American Airlines via email confirmed the absence of any injuries among the flight’s passengers.

Air Wisconsin is recognized as a regional airline and provides flying services for American Airlines, operating under the name of American Eagle, as indicated by the company’s online portal.

The flight, originally bound for Dayton, Ohio, was quickly decommissioned, with the passengers being ushered to an alternate plane to continue their journey.

This in-flight hiccup transpired “as we were rolling forward,” according to a passenger on the plane, Kevis Mitchell. “Suddenly, there was a jarring impact on the aircraft,” he recounted. The unsettling swing of the plane from left to right led to an air of confusion among the crew and the passengers. Surveying the scene outside his window seat, Mitchell could see a multitude of emergency vehicles hastily responding to the plane.

“I observed a transit bus severely damaged at the back. The rear section bore the brunt of the damage,” Mitchell recalled.

Gianni Carrola, a 23-year-old passenger who was seated at the plane’s tail end, offered that the reverberating impact caused the plane to skid somewhat off its course. Both Carrola and Mitchell shared photographic proof with CNN, clearly illustrating that the plane’s nose section had sustained damage.