Burkina Faso Thwarts Calculated Military Coup Attempt


Burkina Faso, a country enlisted on the growing list of West African nations where military seizures of power are becoming commonplace, came close to yet another coup. A calculated attempt against the incumbency of the nation’s military was successfully staved off by Burkina Faso’s diligent intelligence and security services, as per statements shared this Wednesday.

The alleged architects of this insidious plot – officers and other key figures – have been apprehended, while the search for remaining perpetrators remains ongoing, detailed junta spokesperson Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo. The infamous coup attempt was carried out on the preceding Tuesday, upon which no further data was provided.

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The nation of Burkina Faso has seen political tumult and upheaval, with an alleged second military coup in 2022. Here, soldiers orchestrated the removal of Lt.-Col. Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba after approximately eight months of him aiding in the overthrow of democratically cultivated President Roch Marc Kabore, earlier that year.

In the succession plan, Capt. Ibrahim Traore ascended to the position of interim president. The junta institution targeted the organization and execution of elections, with an objective of reprising democratic governance in Burkina Faso by July 2024.

The coup, according to Ouedraogo, was a targeted effort to engulf the nation of Burkina Faso into turmoil and discord. Duly, an intensive investigation into these happenings has been initiated to discern the breadth and intention of the coup.

The junta extended profound recognition towards the defence and security forces for their role in averting the coup. Their commendable patriotic action and a keen sense of responsibility towards their nation was highlighted. The statement concluded by acknowledging the citizens for their unyielding and valiant dedication towards safeguarding their homeland against all forces vying to relegate them back into the depths of history.