Bundaberg Residents Allowed Home After Bushfire Evacuation Order Lifted


In a sudden turn of events, it was announced that residents in the Bundaberg region of Queensland have been given the green light to make a cautious return to their homes, a mere two hours post the evacuation order necessitated by a rapidly spreading bushfire.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) were compelled to issue an alert around 1pm, mandating the residents of Coonarr, a quaint little town, to abandon their homes temporarily. The preventive measure was enforced for dwellings ensconced within the boundaries of Gulchert Drive, Coonarr Rd, Gum Tree Court, Oak Ave, Olive Tree Court, Ferntree Drive, and Palm Beach Drive.

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At 2.15pm, an official statement from QFES confirmed the still-burning fire’s presence in the Burrum Coast National Park and its ensuing movement towards Palm Beach Rd. Residents who had exited the area were explicitly advised against attempts of returning due to the unabating fire conditions.

Resolute firefighting teams, aided by aerial support, tenaciously worked towards taming the spreading blaze. Subsequently, by 3pm, QFES revised their safety guidelines advising residents to “return with caution,” a stark contrast from their former advisory. A QFES statement clarified that the fire was now being contained within set boundaries in the Burrum Coast National Park, but the situation would persist for several days.

The fire was said to be advancing slowly towards Palm Beach Rd with firefighters vigilantly attending to the site. Safe return was now permitted, albeit cautiously, for those who had left the area.

The intial evacuation order was set into motion at 1pm. This important announcement plainly spelled out the rapidly-advancing nature of the fire, centred in the Burrum Coast National Park, and its expected impact on Palm Beach Rd within the next hour or so— warranting dire warnings for residents to leave the vicinity forthwith.

The compelling advisory borrowed no words explicitly depicting the threat to human life and the precarious conditions that would make driving too perilous. Rapidly worsening conditions were projected, and properties were likely to bear the brunt. Adding to the gravity of the situation, people were warned of the probability of necessary services like power, water, and mobile services coming to an abrupt halt.

The alert warned of the likely incapacity of firefighters to restrict the fire’s progress and cautioned people neither to anticipate a firefighter at their door nor to underestimate the harsh effects of stifling smoke on visibility and respiration.

Residents were subsequently counselled by QFES to eschew routes via Palm Beach Rd, Herbert Hall Rd, and Gulchert Drive, and to stay updated with the QFES website.

At 3pm, it was reported that no property was in imminent danger, but community members have been asked, when in safety, to check on their neighbours and always have essential medications within easy reach.