Bulldogs Ascend to Top 5 of Draft 2023 with Strategic Trades and Prospective Lineup Changes


The Western Bulldogs have strategically maneuvered themselves into the top five of the 2023 draft, despite a daring decision to sever ties with three of their opening round draft picks. Enhancing their vanguard are Melbourne premiership medalist James Harmes and St Kilda’s Nick Coffield, potential newcomers during the trade period. Now, the Bulldogs also find themselves perched to dive into the national draft with the No.4 pick.

To secure their position, the Bulldogs dispatched picks 10 and 17 to the Suns, along with their first-round pick for 2024, in exchange for picks 4, 46, and 51 in the current year’s draft.

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The Suns were compelled to trade their first-rate pick to evade its absorption through an anticipated bid for academy key forward Jed Walter. The Bulldogs were triumphant over several competitors for the pick, with Adelaide being a notable rival.

Sam Power, the list manager for Bulldogs, expressed confidence in their decision, asserting their entry into the top tier of this year’s draft justified the investment in the deal. He said that the team had to take into account several factors, including the prospects of their draft choices, before deciding to part with picks 10 and 17.

The Bulldogs, according to Power, are highly optimistic about the future of Jordan Croft, son of longtime player Matthew Croft, who is anticipated to nominate himself under the father-son rule despite not yet declaring his intentions. Croft, the 200cm key forward, demonstrated his potential by netting four goals in three games for Vic Metro under-18s this season.

With a focus on strengthening their defenses, the Bulldogs are aiming to procure Nick Coffield for his intercepting prowess in an impending trade meet with St Kilda list boss Stephen Silvagni.

The Bulldogs are also finalizing a trade deal with Port Adelaide for South Australian ruckman Jordon Sweet. Power insinuated a degree of comfort with Rory Lobb stepping up to the No.1 ruck duties in the event of an injury to Tim English. Additionally, towering Sam Darcy might also see increased opportunities in the ruck.

Power confidently stated his team’s readiness to face any curveballs in the coming period, whether during the trade period, the draft, or potentially post-draft through the SSP. This decisive maneuvering by the Bulldogs is a testament to their strategic prowess and ambition for a strong showing in the 2023 season.