Bulgarian Floods Claim Lives, Climate Change Warned as Culprit


Bulgaria’s Tsarevo region has been severely affected by swift, car-submerging floodwaters according to local photographs. This catastrophic event led to the tragic demise of two men and a woman, with the latter reportedly washed out into the open sea.

Tragedy struck when one of the deceased, a workman, was caught in the surging waters while working on a house. The mother and daughter occupants of the property are currently unaccounted for, according to Bulgarian news outlets.

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Rampant rivers spilled over their banks, prompting the urgent evacuation of a cluster of tourists from a campground at Arapya, situated on the outskirts of Tsarevo. Further tragedy struck south of the town when a bridge gave way, leaving three unfortunate souls, believed to be on the structure at the time, missing in action.

Citing the swift escalation of climatic adversities, Bulgaria’s Environment Minister Julian Popov cautioned that the country should brace for increasingly serious and regular rainfalls, attributing these drastic transformations to climate change.

Further south, Turkey’s metropolis of Istanbul bore the brunt of the downpour where floodwaters coursed through its streets, carrying away vehicles and besieging local library patrons. The tumultuous flash floods claimed two lives, transforming streets in western districts into veritable rivers and inundating the metro station at Kayasehir. Among the deceased was a woman reported to be swept away by the flood.

Adding to the mounting devastation, three lives were lost and an equal number of individuals went missing in the Kirklareli province, situated near Turkey’s north-western border with Bulgaria. Several residences in the coastal town of Igneada were carried away by the deluge.

Meanwhile, in Greece, a persistent downpour and resultant flooding proved fatal for two individuals, further amplified by the brutality of Storm Daniel. Most severely impacted was the central coastal region of Magnesia, which registered an entire autumn’s worth of rainfall within a mere 24-hour timeframe.

On Tuesday, a man tragically succumbed to injuries after a wall collapsed atop him in Volos, followed by the discovery of a deceased 87-year-old woman in the same region the next day. The catastrophic landslides led to road closures and trapped many senior citizens within their homes in the vicinity of Mt Pelion.