Brother Canada’s Get Healthy Challenge means healthy employees and a healthy workplace culture


It’s not unusual to establish health and fitness goals after the holidays. Who hasn’t joined a gym or counted calories in order to take off the pounds that seasonal over-indulgence packed on? But when a company gets behind its employees, provides opportunities for adopting healthy lifestyle habits and even provides incentives for reducing your body mass, good things happen collectively, individually and even corporately.

As part of Brother Canada’s program to promote healthy active lifestyles year-round, more than half of the employees at the DDO headquarters have signed on and pledged to get healthy, whether they need to lose weight, gain muscle or adopt better eating habits. The eight-week contest brings together Brother people at all levels of the company who have risen to the challenge and are working out together, learning and practicing better nutrition habits, and otherwise motivating each other to live healthy.

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The company has partnered with a local Nautilus Plus operation for group workouts 3 times a week during lunch hour and use of their facilities. Other Brother Gets Healthy fitness activities including crossfit, tabata and kickboxing are held on site at the Brother Canada head office and the program is complemented with nutrition counselling. Aside the health benefits, the program helps build team spirit and collaboration and provides a therapeutic change of pace.Brother Canada,Get Healthy Challenge,healthy employees, healthy workplace, culture, lifestyle, Rhonda Massad, West island Blog

Of course, there’s a little healthy competition involved as well, with the person losing the highest proportion of body fat winning $500, a medal and bragging rights. Lesser prizes going for second and third place, and one to the team with the highest participation rate.

“The eight week Brother Gets Healthy Challenge is part of our year-long comprehensive health and wellness program” France Landreville, Senior Director of Marketing and E-commerce adds. “Brother Canada actively invests in the health of its employees with a slate of activities and information sessions. Covering everything from sleep and mental health, to active living and good nutrition. We do everything we can to engage our employees in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and keeping them engaged. It’s part of our corporate culture and ultimately it gives our people the edge they need to live up to our customer promise: at your side.”