Bronny Joins Lakers, Moves Step Closer to Historic Father-Son NBA Duo


An ambitious dream that NBA superstar LeBron James had envisioned several years ago— that of sharing a court with one of his own progeny— edged tantalizingly closer to reality after his oldest son, Bronny, was picked up by the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron’s own team since the last four years. This revelation emerged on the evening of last Thursday’s NBA draft.

Selection number 55, Bronny, arrived on the global NBA scene deep into the second round, with only a few draft slots remaining for the year. Following his selection, the teenage sensation took to Instagram to share a humble, yet poignant reaction – “Beyond blessed.”

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LeBron James’ potential future as a free agent— a choice that could see him depart the Lakers for new pastures— is intriguingly juxtaposed with his son’s ascension to the NBA. Rob Pelinka, Lakers general manager, expressed excitement about just how epoch-making an occasion a father-son duo playing for the same team could be, though he was careful to underline that it is up to LeBron to decide his own future.

Despite the historical potential, it’s not a done deal just yet. History-making or not, Bronny’s recruitment doesn’t guarantee that fans will have the delight of witnessing LeBron and his son share playtime. Neither does it lock in Bronny’s spot on the Lakers’ roster for the upcoming season. Still, it does tantalize with the possibility of a unique and unprecedented father-son on-court duo, thereby creating an NBA first. Up until now, while there have been hundreds of instances of sons joining the NBA following their fathers, there has always been at least a five-year gap following the senior’s retirement.

The extraordinary longevity of LeBron’s NBA career, heading into an astounding 22nd season, is perhaps, the single most important factor contributing to the possibility of fulfilling this unique family dream. If so, it would match the career length of Vince Carter, the NBA’s record-holder for the longest career.

The announcement of Bronny James’ selection in the 2024 NBA draft sent ripples of exhilaration throughout the basketball universe, with NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum making the prestigious announcement in front of an audience brimming with anticipation. There’s a real chance that the young guard, measuring at 6 feet and 1 1⁄2 inches, could debut in a Lakers uniform as early as July 12 against the Houston Rockets in Las Vegas, during the franchise’s summer league opener.

Bronny’s journey has not been without its challenges. He had a stint in college basketball at USC, averaging 4.8 points per game last season, and overcame a significant healthcare scare last year. Nevertheless, he has consistently impressed with his commitment to the game and his conduct on and off the court, attributes that the Lakers franchise highly values.

Meanwhile, LeBron James’ well-documented business tie with Nike continued to make waves even as his son’s entry into the NBA was being celebrated. The sportswear behemoth wasted no time in releasing an ad to commemorate the occasion, seizing the day to congratulate Bronny in style with a toast to the continuation of his journey.

The limelight that typically entrants into the NBA covet was eclipsed by the No. 55 pick, the selection of Bronny. The ensuing media frenzy overshadowed the earlier selections and even some notable picks of the past.

Rob Pelinka pointedly declared, “The biggest moments in sports happen with the Lakers.” In a game that houses numerous stories of tireless effort and soaring ambition, the story of a father coaching his son while both don the same team’s colors might be an unrivaled testament to the NBA’s legacy of cultivating dreams. LeBron and Bronny’s saga could well be one such story, and it’s a narrative that fans around the globe await with bated breath.