Brittany Kennell has a sweet voice as well as a kind heart


by Rhonda Massad

If you have not heard by now former Beaconsfield resident Brittany Kennell has made her way, after plenty of hard work, to the renowned TV show The Voice.  The climb to stardom began when she was a teenager at St. Thomas High School when her former teacher Mr. Nash encouraged her to take the stage in the annual variety shows. 

The most remarkable part of meeting Ms. Kennell  at St. Thomas last week, was her spirit.  Her need to give back and thank those around her for the different part they played in her journey. 

“Brittany is the kinds of person who lends a hand if you need one,” Lisa Spour, St. Thomas mom said in an interview. “Brittany went to high school with my son, Mitchell. They were good friends.  We have followed her career over the years and went to many of her concerts.

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Brittany recorded a special song for Lisa for her son Mitchell’s wedding last year.

When Mitchell got married last November, the song Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses was my song for him. I always dreamed that I would dance with my son at his wedding to that song.  As it turned out I did not feel comfortable dancing to such a fast song. I tired to find a remake in a slower pace but could not.”

According to Spour three weeks before the wedding she messaged Brittany asking for help. 

“Without hesitation she said she would help me out,” Spour explained. “In the end, Brittany recorded the song that we played at the wedding.  It was beautiful.”

After announcing the lunch time break to the senior school last week, Brittany sang songs and shared wisdom to a crowded gym filled with starry eyed teens.  Her message of encouragement was clear.

“Do not be shy to try new things, move to new places,” she said, “I cried and cried when I first moved to Nashville but I am happy now and I learned so much about myself along the way. It has taken ten years for me to get here but with hard work and passion you too can achieve your dreams.”

Brittany also thanked her supporters from Montreal for watching and cheering her on while she competes on The Voice.

“I am really happy Blake turned around,” she said, “team Blake pushes me to try new things.”

Brittany Kennell, The Voice, Nashville, Rhonda Massad, St. Thomas High Schooll, Beaconsfield
Brittany Kennell


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