British Tourist Falls to His Death from Austrian Alps’ ‘Stairway to Heaven’


In a tragic incident which occurred in the Austrian Alps, a British tourist lost his life after plummeting a devastating 90 meters from a ladder fondly known as the “stairway to heaven”. The unfortunate event unfolded as the 42-year-old was scaling the impressive heights of the Dachstein Mountains, a remarkable part of the Northern Limestone Alps.

He was reportedly climbing the ladder in solitude when disaster struck. Emergency services swiftly deployed two helicopters to the scene, but they were met with the grim reality that the man could not be saved after his horrific plunge. His body was later recovered from the deep gully beneath the ladder.

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A rigorous investigation was initiated immediately, led by local authorities, who went on to dismiss any notions of third-party negligence. The officials stated the climber was completely alone during the unfortunate incident and they refrained from releasing his identity. It was emphatically stressed by a spokesperson that the deadly incident was purely accidental.

The ladder in question, situated in this stunning alpine region, is a popular destination among adventurers seeking the perfect backdrop for their photos. Managed by Inter-sport, it is part of a route called Via-Ferrata – Italian for “iron way” – earning its moniker as the “stairway to heaven”.

The Dachstein region tourist website, full of praise for this attraction, described it as the “new TOP attraction on the Zwieselalm for climbing enthusiasts”. According to their information, the arduous climb is partitioned into four stages, with the ladder acting as “the ultimate adrenaline kick”.

Situated in the Dachstein Mountains, the picturesque aerial ladder or the “stairway to heaven” elevates sharply amidst panoramic views of the highest mountain in Austria, the Grobglockner, and the breath-taking Dachstein glacier. The attraction was built by Outdoor Leadership and their professional climber Heli Putz as per the details provided on the Dachstein region tourist website.

Nevertheless, caution is urged for those seeking to attempt this climb. It is not recommended for beginners as it is rated as a moderate to difficult climb and is advertized as an attraction strictly for experienced climbers.