British Columbia Targets Housing Crisis with Multicity Construction Plan


In an attempt to curb the deepening housing crisis, the government of British Columbia has established a first-round target of creating a multitude of new homes in 10 cities or municipalities. This ambitious plan is designed to alleviate the ongoing lack of housing in the region.

Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon revealed on Tuesday that these communities, most of which are located within the Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria regions, have five years to meet the new housing goals outlined in the government’s plan. With an assessment of progress scheduled for six months from now, Kahlon states an “independent person” may be appointed in municipalities that are not making sufficient strides toward the housing goal.

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Despite this, Kahlon remains optimistic that intervention won’t be necessary. He conveyed his confidence in the mayors, believing they understand the collective responsibility in adopting the housing solution. He asserts that legislation empowers them to intervene, but he hopes that this step would not be required.

According to Kahlon, meeting these housing targets would result in around a 30 per cent increase in overall construction in these 10 locations, comparing to previous plans. This comes amid Premier David Eby’s statement that the federal government has not yet divulged its renewed housing strategy or how it intends to cooperate with British Columbia’s measures against its housing crisis.

Kahlon pointed out the gravity of the housing crisis in British Columbia, stating that the province is advancing its plans without certain federal funds. He also stressed the importance of swift action from the federal government, arguing that the province can’t delay much longer while waiting for Canada’s decision. He highlighted the severity of the situation, noting the people living in encampments, parks and the ones at risk of losing their homes due to global inflation pressures.

Unveiling the housing objectives, Kahlon included 28,900 units for Vancouver, 7,240 for Abbotsford, 4,902 for Victoria, and 4,610 for Saanich, among others. The City of Vancouver expressed its complete commitment to the plan, pledging to exert all efforts to meet or even surpass the provincial target.

However, not all feedback was positive. The non-profit advocacy group Abundant Housing Vancouver critiqued the target for Vancouver as insufficient, arguing that it doesn’t adequately address the shortage in the city’s housing crisis. The group’s director Owen Brady stated that estimates by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation suggested a significantly higher construction rate to meet the demand in Vancouver.

The housing minister explained that the selected communities were chosen via an exhaustive, objective, and methodical process, taking into account factors such as projected growth, housing and land availability, community infrastructure and unrealised potential. The goal is to select an additional 20 municipalities within the next year.

Premier Eby, who has been meeting with federal ministers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, emphasized that affordable housing could be achieved faster with multiple government levels working together, a sentiment that federal ministers seemed open to.

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