British Columbia Targets Housing Crisis with Ambitious New Build Program


The Government of British Columbia has initiated an ambitious program to address the province’s housing crisis, unveiling specific targets for the construction of new dwellings in 10 selected cities and municipalities within the next five years.

In making the announcement, Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon highlighted that these areas, predominantly in Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria, will seek to meet the housing targets established in the newly outlined plan. Progress toward these goals will be assessed at six-month intervals with the potential for an independent overseer to be appointed in areas not making satisfactory strides in housing development. This measure, Kahlon assures, will likely not be necessary, given the unanimity shown among municipal leaders to address the urgent need for housing.

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The Housing Minister is confident that, with urban leaders’ understanding the severity of the situation, the proposed increase in housing is achievable. Accomplishment of the set targets will result in a construction surge of approximately 30% in these 10 communities.

The provincial initiative, unfortunately, precedes a comprehensive federal strategy on affordable housing. The central government is seemingly not prepared to disclose its collaborative plan with British Columbia, according to Premier David Eby. Nonetheless, the province mulls over proceeding with the devised plan, conscious of not having funding assurances from Ottawa, while emphasizing the need for federal involvement at the earliest opportunity as the situation grows in urgency.

Specific targets under this new strategy include provisioning for 28,900 units in Vancouver, 7,240 in Abbotsford, 4,902 in Victoria, and 4,610 for Saanich. The municipalities of Kamloops, Delta, Oak Bay, Port Moody, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver District, also feature in the outlined plan, allotting them between 664-4236 units to be developed over the five years.

Not surprisingly, the announcement has elicited a mixed response, with some cities like Vancouver showing full commitment, agreeing to leverage zoning and permitting changes to meet or exceed their housing targets. Conversely, the non-profit organization, Abundant Housing Vancouver, deems the 28,900-unit target set for Vancouver to be inadequate, highlighting the need for tripling the housing production to counter the severity of the housing crisis.

Premier Eby, having recently engaged with federal ministers and the Prime Minister, also shared his sentiments on the province’s housing scenario. Eby emphasized that synergy at all government levels would expedite the availability of affordable housing. The Premier is hopeful about forthcoming federal announcements related to the allocation of the Housing Accelerator Fund to support cities’ growth and coordinating these with the provincial housing plan.

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