British Columbia Is Set On Lifting More Restrictions On Tuesday


Premier John Horgan held a news conference on Monday, saying that B.C. is slowly going forward with the realization of a COVID-19 restart plan. The province will lift more restrictions on Tuesday, including a ban on travel within B.C.

The government has said before that, in order to open the province, hospitalizations must be in a decline and at least 65 percent of the adult population must be at least partially vaccinated.

Now, more than 75 percent of the B.C. population has received at least one dose of vaccine.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, who also attended the news conference, stated:

“Our progress so far, like the entire pandemic is a shared effort. A shared effort between public health, businesses, between every individual here in British Columbia. We can all be proud of what we have achieved over the last few weeks.”

On Tuesday, travel restrictions will be lifted in the province, and the locals will be able to recreationally travel within B.C.

“This means we can visit family or friends across B.C. and stay for a while and visit in those communities,” Henry said.

Premier John Horgan stated that non-essential travel from outside the province is not advised.

He added:

“Our advice to other Canadians is we will welcome you down the road, but not today. If you don’t have business in British Columbia, it’s our preference that you stay where you are.”


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