Brisbane Lions Roar Towards Grand Finals: Historic Winning Streak Bolsters Morale


A commanding surge during the final weeks has fortified the morale of the Brisbane Lions, asserting their readiness to claim glory in the grand finals, as specified by the recent recipient of the Brownlow Medal, Lachie Neale.

The Lions showcased exceptional buoyancy by pulling six consecutive victories, rubbing salt into the wounds of their grand final opponents, the Magpies, with a decisive 24-point triumph at Marvel Stadium in the 23rd round. The team maintained an impressive stride with an average of 14 goals in each game during their dominant phase.

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Moreover, Brisbane Lions stand as the sole team in 2023 to have pawned the Magpies not once but twice, squaring them away by 33 points in the fourth round at Gabba, primarily due to six goals remarkably scored by Charlie Cameron.

Their two victories against Collingwood form part of a stellar six-game unbeaten run that began in 2020. Regardless of this historical triumphant streak, co-captain Neale remains grounded. He expressed his confidence not based on the previous victories but on the show of strength following a crushing defeat against the Gold Coast Suns.

“We draw confidence from the string of victories we carved over the past six weeks,” Neale stated. Although the victorious clash against Collingwood played a significant role in bolstering their morale, Neale acknowledges that each game brings a novel set of challenges.

“Their team will undergo significant changes since our last face-off. We anticipate a vehement competition. What fuels our spirit is not our previous victory, but rather the quality of football we have displayed against our adversaries,” conveyed Neale.

Commenting on the extra attention and expectations attached to him after his Brownlow Medal achievement, Neale expressed that his only goal was to contribute to his team’s victory.

As the dust settles on their preparation and anticipation fills the air, there is one resounding truth: the only thing predictable in sports is its unpredictability. There’s nothing like the exhilarating rush of watching as the play unfolds, each moment dictating the future.

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