Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine


There are few foods that are as comforting as a slice of (or a whole) pizza. What makes a good pizza? Well, that’s where the real debate screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-13-12-pmstarts. Some like it New York style with gooey cheese and simple toppings, others Chicago deep dish style pizza where the crust takes center stage. How do I like my pizza? Well, the best and most authentic way of course! I love Neapolitan pizza.

When I am on the hunt for a slice, I want the real deal. The best pizza has a thin, supple crust that serves as the best display for fresh, tasty toppings. Cheese? Of course, but I want the real stuff…slices of mozzarella di buffala that compliment but do not mask my fresh toppings.

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If you love just that, then buckle up and head to Brigade! Brigade is in the downtown core, and lies between all the hustle and bustle of St Catherine street on Stanley. Not only is the pizza like no other, the experience is truly something different. These guys try and keep it as authentic as possible and play by the rules. That means every pizza is: 12”, has a soft, thin chewy crust with a slight char, topped with simple fresh ingredients and is cooked in a real Neapolitan oven (900F for 60-90 seconds). Their dedication to keeping it authentic and fresh is what makes them stand apart from any other pizza place screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-13-16-pmin the city—major players in Little Italy included.

The best part about Brigade is they do it your way. Walk in to an assembly-line style of pizzaiolo that prepare your pizza based on your preferences. The menu does have pre-made and pre-suggested combinations, but you have the choice to create your own. That means choosing from a white, green (pesto), or red (tomatoes) sauce base and then topping it up with anything your heart desires (cured meats, vegetables, olives and a variety of cheeses) they have it all! If you happen to bring along someone who doesn’t share your love for pizza? No problem, they serve up salads the same way and offer a variety of dressings. A margherita pizza will ring up under $10, and prices vary depending on topping choices. Two can easily dine, and be satisfied for under $40, drinks included!

I can’t tell you my favorite pizza combination because every time I go, I try something new. The best part? They still haven’t disappointed. No matter screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-12-43-pmwhat I choose it is truly all delicious! That’s the beauty of Brigade, always something new to try and always delicious! So head downtown and enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza, if you close your eyes and ignore the orange cones you may even feel like you’re in Napoli!

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine

1428 Rue Stanley, Montréal, QC H3A 1P7

No reservations.

Sunday- Thursday 11am- 11pm

Friday- Saturday 11am -12pm