Brian McKnight Concert Cancelled Amid Fan Fury Over Controversial Video


The celebrated stage of MotorCity Casino Hotel, Detroit, was poised to echo with the soulful refrains of a Brian McKnight performance on the 9th of June. However, the romantic melody of this night receded into silence as the scheduled performance was abruptly canceled. Despite the Casino’s silence on the matter, a shockwave of indignation reportedly influenced the decision, with seemingly incensed ‘former fans’ expressing disappointment and anger over a viral video featuring the Grammy-nominated singer.

Brian McKnight, a maestro of the R&B genre, climbed the charts of popularity in the late ’90s and early 2000s, securing four Top 10 albums, 17 Grammy nods, and a chart-busting No. 2 pop hit, “Back at One.” However, the TikTok clip circulating in social spheres since April 14 renewed public attention and sent a fissure through the singer’s fan base.

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The narrative took a sharp turn when McKnight labeled his oldest two sons, Brian Jr. and Niko, “products of sin” in the viral video. The singer, who was brought up in the Seventh-day Adventist church, asserted that people should expunge all “evil and negativity,” even if it resonates from their own kin. The two sons found themselves at the center of this controversy, having been born to McKnight and his former spouse, Julie McKnight, before matrimony formalized their parents’ union.

This monumental declaration ignited a flame of outrage among followers and fans alike. Predictably, the tidal wave of criticism found its way to the comments section beneath MotorCity’s concert announcement. The dissatisfaction ranged from disapproval of McKnight’s treatment of his children, to outright renouncement of his music. The potent emotional reactions were encapsulated by fans like Lesley Hal, Asha K Jones-Wade, and Andria Walker, who vehemently expressed their disillusionment and disdain.

Initially, the casino reacted by disabling comments on the post. However, the decisive action came later when they elected to cancel the singer’s concert altogether.

McKnight, who fathered six children, also includes two stepchildren from his current relationship with pediatric neurophysiologist Leilani Mendoza. Stirring further controversy, McKnight referred to one of these stepchildren, Julia McPhee, as his “only daughter” in the contentious video, disregarding his daughter Briana Knight from a previous relationship with Patricia Driver. Brazenly, when queried about Briana, he denied acknowledging her as his daughter, declaring his lack of recognition for her existence.

Even though the Detroit concert was canceled, Brian McKnight’s tour itinerary appears undisturbed on his current Ticketmaster calendar. The singer’s future performances at Pala Casino near San Diego on June 1 and the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City on July 12 are still scheduled to proceed.