Breslau Unveils Memorial Wall, Honoring 800 Lives Lost to COVID-19


On a sunlit Sunday afternoon, a sea of over 600 individuals from across Breslau swiped their tears as they convened around a memorial wall, its stone surface etched with the names of those who forfeited their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today, the purpose of assembling here is to pay tribute to the 800 families our hearts well up for, their names inscribed on this memorial, and to remember the loss of our neighbours, our companions, our kin,” proclaimed Robert MacFarlane, the seasoned caretaker at Memory Garden Funeral Home and Cemetery.

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The veil was lifted off the COVID Wall of Memories by the local community, acting as a prompt of the deep traces the pandemic has etched upon its fabric. MacFarlane, the voice of many grieving hearts, echoed through the crowd, highlighting the wall as a testament of lives lived and lost.

“Every departure is a blow to our hearts, and the 800 names we find here today are not just to serve as a reminder of our pain but as a celebration of the lives they lived,” uttered MacFarlane, his voice echoing with empathy.

Initiating the project at the dawn of 2022, the Memory Garden opened its gates to the collective communities of Tri-cities and Guelph, inviting them to inscribe their loss onto the granite sépulture.

The COVID Wall of Memories was as much a beacon of human strength and endurance as it was a stark nudge to the importance of companionship in testing times. The marble monument was received by the populous, resonating cherished memories of the departed.

Karen Redman, the stoic Chair of Region of Waterloo, extended her heartfelt gratitude towards the dedicated Memory Gardens team that navigated the dark times with a professional touch.

The memorial not only offered collective solace but was also an avenue for individual cathartic experiences for families like Hahns, who bade their parents farewell, adorning the wall with their names. John Hahn, their son, while commemorating his parents, highlighted the wall’s significance as a token of community solidarity and a beacon to guide in the healing process.

The consensus amongst the crowd mirrored that of Hahn’s, a collective nod to the wall’s existence as a heartwarming token of resilience, remembrance, and unity in the face of collective grief and adversity. Evidently, the COVID Wall of Memories will continue serving as a poignant testament to the community’s endurance through the trials of the pandemic for future generations.