Brazosport High Bars Former Queen from Ceremony over Cultural Dress Code Defiance


Former homecoming queen, Kayleigh Craddock, has been barred from returning to her alma mater, Brazosport High School in Freeport, Texas, for the tradition of crowning her successor. The school district’s decision is grounded in an incident during the previous graduation ceremony where Craddock reportedly defied dress code regulations by adorning a stole symbolizing her Mexican heritage.

Cynthia Vasquez, Kayleigh’s mother, expressed her daughter’s anticipation of partaking in the homecoming event on Friday. That anticipation, however, was abruptly cut short when they got a phone call from the school principal that Kayleigh’s attendance would not be welcomed due to her past action of wearing the cultural stole to her graduation.

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Brazosport Independent School District, in a statement, claimed that students had been made aware of the dress code ahead of the ceremony and Kayleigh had been asked to abide but refused to comply. Consequently, she was not invited back for the crowing of the subsequent year’s Homecoming Queen – a decision tied to her alleged insubordination.

Vasquez, however, disagrees with the school’s narrative, asserting that her daughter was the last to exit during graduation, and was asked by a faculty member only to tuck the stole inside her gown.

Currently a freshman at Sam Houston State University, Craddock stated to KHOU how cherished it felt to wear the stole as a representation of her Mexican culture while accepting her diploma. She further clarified that should she have been explicitly told not to wear the stole, she would have complied.

Vasquez believes that Kayleigh is being unfairly penalized and singled out, considering other students also embellished stoles during the graduation. She expressed regret that the family wasn’t given earlier notice about the school’s decision, considering the investments already made for homecoming.

Her worst fear is being left in limbo with her calls to the school district unanswered and homecoming fast approaching. She is now left clinging to the hope that the school district might revise its decision.

On the broader issue of dress code controversy in Texas schools, this is not an isolated case. Darresha George and her son, Darryl, recently brought a federal discrimination lawsuit against Texas state leaders for their adequacy in enforcing Texas’s CROWN Act – legislation that provides a shield against hair discrimination. The cause of the controversy being that Darryl’s locs, traditionally associated with his race, has landed weeks in suspension due to violating the dress code of Barbers Hill Independent School District.

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