Bradford Library Workers Poised to Return Amid Unsettled Wage Disputes


Closing out a grueling ten-week period of striking, the library workers of Bradford West Gwillimbury are poised to make their return to work. The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) delivered their resolution last Friday, granting the library’s appeal to escalate the ongoing stalemate to arbitration.

Katherine Grzejszczak, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 905), expressed the group’s disappointment over the verdict. She conveyed the sense of lingering injustice felt by the strikers who had protested for 71 days seeking equitable compensation, but are being compelled to hit the ground running without arriving at a group contract. According to Grzejszczak, the repeated attempts by the largely female workforce to advocate for due respect, a $1.35 raise and fair working conditions were successively thwarted at various junctions of power; initially, by the Library’s Chief Executive Officer during the contract negotiation phase, followed by Mayor Leduc and majority of the Council who endorsed the CEO’s resolution, all culminating in the Labour Board’s recent decision.

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In the ensuing arbitration phase, an impartial third party will be tasked with impartially scrutinizing the contentious issues underlying the rift between CUPE 905 and the Library. Matthew Corbett, CEO of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library, confirmed that the employees are set to resume their duties and that the library is preparing to recommence in-person services at the earliest convenience. The arbitration hearing will be slated once the independent mediator is selected.

With CUPE 905 probing potential legal avenues in response to the order terminating the strike, the issue looks far from settled. As we, at West Island Blog, navigate the domestic and international current affairs landscape, our eye remains firmly on the developments of this story.