Boyd Gaming Boosts Dividend, Shares Surge


In what emerges as a confident stride in financial rhythms, Boyd Gaming has announced a buoyant uplift to its quarterly dividend, signaling robust economic tides. The Las Vegas headquartered casino magnate declared a 6.3% increase in its shareholder payout, boosting the dividend to 17 cents per share from the standing 16 cents. This increment propels the forward dividend yield to 1.06%, a subtle yet optimistic climb from the previous 0.99% anchored by the company’s current stock valuation.

Amidst the fluctuating vibrancy of midday trading, Boyd’s shares surged nearly 1.5% upon the news, reinforcing a year-to-date ascent of 3.66%. This crescendo of market approval resonates with the anticipation of the upcoming dividend, slated for disbursement on April 15, 2024, to stakeholders duly recorded by March 15, 2024.

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Boyd Gaming, with its fist firm on financial wherewithal, reported $304.3 million cash in its coffers at 2024’s curtain close. This reservoir of liquidity affirms the company’s capability to uphold its shareholder enriching commitments, notwithstanding the $2.9 billion debt on its balance sheet.

The narrative of Boyd’s dividend journey sketches a trajectory marked by strategic resilience. Following a prudent hiatus during the pandemic’s depth, the dividend was reinstated and has witnessed two elevations, the recent and a 6.66% hike in February 2023. This pattern not only endorses Boyd’s vitality but also hints at its emerging stature as a credible dividend growth stock.

Boyd Gaming furthers its allegiance to shareholder prosperity through judicious buybacks, recapturing $100 million of common stock in the final quarter, a fragment of its expansive repurchase plan. The operator’s expansive ensemble includes notable venues across numerous states, signifying a far-reaching and diverse portfolio.

Beyond Boyd’s horizon, the gaming industry has been awash with bullish dividend dispatches. Casino leviathans like Gaming and Leisure Properties and Red Rock Resorts have also announced their own increments, contributory to a trend that is noteworthy for its fiscal optimism.

However, there remains a constellation of casino operators, like Caesars Entertainment and Penn Entertainment, that are yet to initiate quarterly cash dividends, an illustrative contrast to Boyd’s recent maneuvers.

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