Borgata Agree to Settle a $1.2 Million Demanded by a Poker Player for Improper Ban over Suicide Risk


The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City has settled a lawsuit filed by poker player Scott Robbins. According to a court filing, the Massachusetts native sued the casinos for banning him for life for an offhand remark he made.

Robbins alleged that his rights were violated by the ban; he further argued that the casino staff lied to other poker players that he attempted suicide.

The lawsuits demand Borgata pay $1.2 million as potential earning Robbins could have made in future tournament and sponsorship deals. The amount the two parties have settled on is yet to be disclosed, but a recent report indicates he is satisfied.

The US District Court in New Jersey indicates that the case has voluntarily been dismissed, the parties have accepted an offer by the casino. Robbins alleged that the employee misunderstood him since English wasn’t her first language.

The incident happened back in September 2019 during the WPT Borgata Poker Open Main Event. In an interaction with an employee at the front desk, she asked him whether he would prefer a high or low room floor. Robins replied

‘if I had to jump from a low floor window, would I make it?”

Robbins has denied the joke was suicidal, he insists he was trying to point that there would be no difference in the outcome if he jumped from a high or low window in an event of a fire.


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