Border Crossing Restrictions A Great Hindrance To Families Looking To Shift To N.S


Last Friday, provincial authorities announced that starting Monday, Nova Scotia’s border will be shut to all persons seeking to move into the province, even though they were previously allowed to do so.

Dr. Robert Strang, Chief medical officer of health, stated there is a new Safe check-in document to be filled by those seeking to enter Nova Scotia, but it will be readily accessible starting coming Friday. The checking forms form will be used by those entering the province to illustrate how they plan to quarantine.

Dr. Strang also noted that all those looking to enter N.S will have to be patient until the form is ready for circulation.

It isn’t clear what the form will look like, and if they will exempt some of those moving to Nova Scotia.

Dr. Strang also noted that the border crossing restrictions will remain until the end of this month. He said that they are aware some individuals have been falsifying emails so that they seem to have come from his office to allow them to cross into the province.

After last Friday’s update, some like Andrew Turner and his wife, Karen MacRae, who are packed and ready to move into N.S, received communication noting that their initial paperwork has been nullified and was required to fill up a fresh Safe Check-in form.

However, while filling up a new form, they found out that they were under the exemption, and were free to move across the border because they purchased their home on the 1st of March.

The family is starting inconsistent information and is not quite sure how to go about it.

The restrictions came in to help curb the spread of COVID-19 after the province registered its highest daily average, potentially caused by severe variants of concern, and plenty more people going into intensive care.

Last Friday, N.S recorded 227 infections and a further 200 that health officials are yet to process. It is not clear yet whether the restrictions will be in place in June. CBC contacted provincial authorities for clarification regarding the moving restrictions and will issue an update on the same in the next few days.


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