Book of Meme Soars to $1 Billion Market Cap


In the mercurial realm of cryptocurrency, where fortunes can rise as quickly as they fall, a new prodigy has surfaced, captivating the imaginations and wallets of investors around the globe. The Memecoin project Book of Meme (BOME) has, in a spectacular display of market penetration, ascended to the ranks of crypto stardom. Flourishing under the spotlight, BOME finds itself at the confluence of innovative technology and satirical wit, embodying the essence of a memecoin with the promise of substantial utility.

BOME’s ascent is not just noteworthy—it’s record-breaking. Launched with much fanfare, the memecoin didn’t just ripple across the cryptosphere—it surged, amassing a staggering market cap of $1 billion within the mere span of 48 hours. This unprecedented achievement shines even brighter against the backdrop of a week that has seen the giants of the crypto world stagger. As Bitcoin retreated by 4%, slipping to approximately $65,345.14, and Ethereum reeled from a 10% blow, the icons of memecoins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, were not spared either, succumbing to declines of 24.23% and 16.69% respectively over the last seven days.

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Born out of the creative workshop of DarkFarms, the enigmatic entity also responsible for spawning another celebrated memecoin, Pepecoin, The Book of Meme vows to leap beyond the limits of ordinary cryptocurrency. BOME is an audacious experiment—a fusion of the frivolous fun of memes with the robust functionality of decentralized storage solutions. It extends its ambition to the realm of degen shitcoin trading and includes a touch of gambling thrills—all designed to concoct a novel web3 experience shrouded in mystery and allure.

The inception of this memecoin, following a presale that witnessed 10,131 SOL changing virtual hands, could not have been more auspicious. Introduced to the market on March 14 at the humble starting price of $0.0000496, the Book of Meme did not linger long in the shadows of obscurity. Within an awe-inspiring 48-hour parade of bullish sentiment, the price surged to the vicinity of $0.012, signifying not just a price increase, but a veritable market cap triumph, hitting the $1 billion mark with force and vigor.

The crescendo of BOME’s triumph reverberated even more intensely with the sudden listing by the titan of crypto exchanges, Binance. When Binance ushered BOME into its extensive portfolio, the memecoin’s value soared—a staggering 243% in 24 hours. While other competitors struggled, BOME’s sterling performance propelled its market value to a jaw-dropping $1.38 billion, positioning it as the seventh titan among its memecoin peers.

This rocketing trajectory has garnered BOME listings across a plethora of other major crypto platforms—KuCoin,, MEXC, HTX, The pivotal March 16 listing on Binance, however, was the catalyst that spurred the token to achieve a zenith market cap of $1.55 billion.

In this gold rush, certain miners have struck riches. As revealed by the blockchain sleuths at LookonChain, an astute investor turned a mere 102 SOL ($19,000) presale investment into a mountain of gold by selling all 347 million BOME for a colossal 34,647 SOL, valued at $6.58 million—a gain of an astonishing 340 times the original stake. Meanwhile, nestled within the digital wallet of sundayfunday.sol, lies the largest personal trove of BOME—a hoard of 1.242 billion tokens worth a princely $29.8 million.

At the time of this account, The Book of Meme weaves its tale at $0.02139 per coin, marking a 58.08% rise over the last day. The volume of its daily trade has swelled by 125.05%, reaching a value of $5.18 billion, while its market cap rests at a comfortable $1.18 billion, affording BOME the status of the 85th largest cryptocurrency.

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