Bonuses Set Up For Health Workers In Understaffed Public Network


Quebec health system is in the middle of s staffing crisis and is planning to cut cheques to its health workers in order to bolster system that is under heavy pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The province plans to inject a total of $1bn, to be issued as lump sums ranging from $12000 to $15000 for new workers, including part-timers who elect to work full time, and those coming back to health care after they left.

Additional bonuses, amounting to $15000, will be issued to existing permanent workers.

Premier Legault held a press briefing to talk about this new development. He was in the company of Christian Dube, health minister, Treasury Chair Sonia LeBel.

The province has a shortage of 4300 workers, which has driven the system to a critical state as hospitalizations continue to increase, the premier said.

Other than bonuses, the province noted it plans to lower overtime for all public nurses. To achieve that, private sector nurses will be called upon to fill in during weekends, nights and evenings.

The health ministry renewed calls to Quebecers urging everyone who is not vaccinated to seek the jab.

Those who are not immunized are 34 percent more likely to be become sick. Health care workers who are not vaccinated before October 15th will be suspended without pay. This might cause a health crisis as there are still thousands who have not received a COVID-19 vaccines.


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