Body Found in Lake Eucambene Sparks Deep Concern for Missing Boaters


In the isolated expanses of the Snowy Mountains region in NSW, a body has been discovered during the frantic search for two 73-year-old gentlemen who failed to return from a nautical excursion. The incident honed the eyes of urgency towards the tranquil waters of Lake Eucambene, near Adaminaby.

The ghostly hours following 11 pm on Wednesday saw emergency teams responding to reports of the missing men. An extensive exploration of the waterway and surrounding wilderness was quickly mounted, conducted with precision by both the NSW Police and their partners in the search, including the NSW SES, the Westpac helicopter, and Marine Rescue.

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The grim result of the relentless seeking came to light as the body of an unknown man was found on Wednesday. As the identity remains unconfirmed, officials suggest that the deceased may be one of the unfortunate boating enthusiasts.

Marine Rescue NSW Inspector, Glenn Sullivan, painted a poignant picture of dedicated search crews, tirelessly combing the remote lake region from the early hours before 3 am on Thursday. He said, “Under the instruction of the NSW Police, an intense water search operation is being carried out and will persist.”

A glimpse of the formidable task faced by investigators was exhibited through video footage shot aboard the Alpine Lakes 21 search vessel, which highlights the overwhelming scale and complex nature of the vast alpine waters.

A harsh chill blanketing Adaminaby pitched temperatures as low as 3C overnight, exacerbating the already challenging conditions of the search. The Bureau of Meteorology further complicated the situation by issuing a severe weather warning for the following Thursday, predicting wind gusts exceeding 125km above 1900m during the day, intensifying before subsiding on Friday.

Lake Eucambene, often idolised by tourism operators as a prime fishing location, contains approximately nine times the volume of water as Sydney Harbour. However, the placidity of the lake dormantly hides a darker narrative. A similar event occurred just last year, when an 87-year-old Victorian man tragically perished after his petite vessel capsized at Braemar Bay, close to a popular camping spot on the artificial lake.