Bob Dylan Unveils Monumental 27-Disc Box Set Commemorating Legendary 1974 Tour


In an announcement that’s music to the ears of Bob Dylan enthusiasts, the iconic folk singer-songwriter and Nobel laureate is set to commemorate his legendary 1974 tour with The Band by giving them a chance to fully immerse themselves in the sought-after experience. Thanks to a monumental 27-disc box set, now being released, fans can lose themselves in the complete recordings of 27 out of the 40 awe-inspiring performances from this historic tour.

More than just a series of shows, this tour marked Dylan’s grand and theatrical return to live performances, with the backing of the very group that helped shape some of his most memorable music. This exciting news was heralded by Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, who confirmed that music enthusiasts could get their hands on this mammoth collection on September 20th, with the set available at a retail price of $129.98.

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Complete with around 417 previously unreleased performances, this box set promises to be a treasure trove of fresh discoveries for Dylan’s ever-enthused fanbase. For those wanting a taste of the experience without committing to the entire compilation, a three-album highlights package is also up for grabs on vinyl.

What sets this collection apart is its exhaustive nature, designed and catered specifically to the Dylan completist. A prime example of this is the staggering 21 renditions of the classic tune “Lay Lady Lay” featured within the set.

Notably, this isn’t the first dive into this eventful tour; a live album of songs, aptly titled “Before the Flood,” was released back in the 1970s, but falls short of capturing the comprehensive breadth shown by this monumental collection.

Dylan, a true mainstay of music throughout the decades, isn’t one to shy away from letting fans fully experience his artistry over the years. This latest release, ambitiously titled “The 1974 Live Recordings,” is the third-largest box set in his catalogue, only exceeded by a staggering 47-CD collection of complete albums released in 2013, and a vast 36-CD set that chronicled the riveting journey of Dylan and The Band’s 1966 tour, each piece a testament to Dylan’s timeless resonance.