Bob Baffert Sues Gamblers for Defamation, Extortion Campaign


In a high-stakes twist of legal action, renowned racehorse trainer Bob Baffert has escalated his legal battle by seeking a default judgment against two New Jersey gamblers accused of orchestrating a campaign of defamation and extortion. The suit mentions Justin Wunderler and Daniel DiCorcia, social media personalities wielding significant influence on the platform formerly known as Twitter, with their handles @SwiftHitter and @barshoelife, respectively. Baffert, a six-time Kentucky Derby winner, contends that the pair have been partaking in unlawful and intimidatory tactics aimed at both himself and his family.

The equestrian world first turned its gaze upon the pair when allegations concerning a sensational and potentially destructive video arose. Wunderler and DiCorcia have proclaimed to possess footage devastating enough to “end Baffert,” an assertion that has yet to materialize beyond the confines of their online influence.

The backdrop to these allegations is coloured by the controversial chapter in Baffert’s career that unfolded during the 2021 Kentucky Derby, where Baffert’s horse, Medina Spirit, failed a post-race drug test. Although the horse’s subsequent death and the history of fatalities in Baffert’s stables have since amplified the public scrutiny, the trainer has remained firm in his denial of any wrongdoing, attributing the positive drug test to an ointment used on the horse.

Efforts to serve legal notices on Wunderler have reportedly hit numerous roadblocks, triggering a legal maneuver to secure a default judgment due to his failure to respond to court orders. Meanwhile, the gamblers’ narrative took an even more serious turn with claims of Wunderler urging a menacing display of hostility towards the Baffert family at the Belmont Stakes.

Amid these turbulent legal proceedings and public accusations, the veracity of the purported video remains unconfirmed, yet Baffert’s legal counsel has cast it as deceptively edited, designed to engineer a scandal. Amidst the claim and counterclaim, the saga unfurls, revealing a shadowy intersection of sport, media, and the pursuit of truth.

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