Blue Origin Shifts Leadership: Amazon Executive to Steer Space Company


In a sweeping change at the helm, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin, renowned for its space tourism and rocket services, announced that its current chief executive officer will give way to a veteran Amazon executive. On Monday, it was declared that Bob Smith, the former Honeywell executive who has been steering the Blue Origin ship since 2017, would step down to make room for Dave Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices and services, at the top.

It was leading figureheads at Blue Origin who proclaimed Limp a ‘proven innovator with a customer-first mindset.’ Far from a novice in these circles, Limp has amassed quite a bit of experience in the highly specialized high-tech industry and the management of multifaceted organizations. One feather in his hat includes his instrumental role in Amazon’s satellite business, Project Kuiper.

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Smith, the outgoing chief executive officer, was duly recognized by the company for leading Blue Origin’s inspiring journey from an R&D-focused unit to a full-scale space business, one which currently boasts upward of $10 billion in customer orders and employs over 10,000 individuals.

Limp is set to embark on his inaugural day of duties at Blue Origin on December 4. However, in the interest of a seamless transition, Smith will remain within the folds of the company until January 2.

Blue Origin, over the course of a decade, has made groundbreaking strides in the development of a suborbital rocket and spacecraft known as New Shepard. Engineered to transport paying customers and scientific experiments to the fringes of space, New Shepard successfully completed its maiden crewed spaceflight carrying Bezos himself.

Since then, it has executed five more missions with people on board. Despite a temporary setback with an unsuccessful uncrewed science mission in September 2022, Blue Origin has its sights set on several other big-ticket projects. One such undertaking is the development of a heavy-lift rocket, New Glenn, with enough horsepower to reach Earth’s orbit. New Glenn is poised to challenge SpaceX for satellite launch contracts.

Additionally, Blue Origin’s BE-4 engines, initially created for New Glenn, are on track to propel the new Vulcan rocket being developed by United Launch Alliance, a collaboration between Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Despite some hitch in the early supply of the BE-4 engines causing delays, the Vulcan Centaur rocket is now expected to complete its upcoming NASA-backed mission to the moon.

In another landmark achievement, Blue Origin secured a coveted contract for NASA’s ambitious moon exploration program, Artemis, in May. With a whopping $3.5 billion under its belt, Bezos’ company aims to create a spacecraft that can transport astronauts to the moon’s surface.

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