Blue Jays’ Post-Season Woes Continue, Twins End Playoff Losing Streak


As the dust begins to settle after another post-season, questions are sure to be raised regarding the early withdrawal of Jose Berrios from the Blue Jays lineup. Regardless of strategic pitching maneuvers, the offense’s lack of delivery spelled out a familiar narrative for the team.

Adding to the woes was a glaring basepath mistake coupled with dismal hitting performances, which left Toronto bereft of its first playoff win since 2016.

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The Minnesota Twins secured sweeping victory by sealing a 2-0 shutout against the Blue Jays at Target Field, following their 3-1 Game 1 win. The unfortunate loss left the Toronto team scrambling, the familiar sting of a first-round sweep meeting them for the third time in four years.

John Schneider, Blue Jays’ manager, subtly reflected on this consistent shortcoming, stating their collective failure in executing the team’s strategies. On the flip side, this victory ended a playoff losing streak for the Twins, propelling them to the AL Division Series against the Houston Astros.

The Blue Jays’ offensive shortcomings are glaring, but the decision to replace Berrios, who was performing exceptionally well, proved to be a significant gamble. Despite ending his day successfully with 32 out of 47 pitches striking home, a leadoff walk in the fourth inning saw him replaced by Yusei Kikuchi. The fourth inning saw the Twins take their unyielding lead, scoring twice.

Berrios expressed his frustration at the premature end to his pitching run, stating he gave all he had from the first to the last pitch. Despite striking out five and giving up only a walk and three hits, Berrios was charged with one earned run in a hard-luck loss.

Toronto’s opportunities to get back in the game came and went as they had runners at second and third base during the second, fifth, and sixth innings but failed to score. Schneider’s frustration was palpable, stating that “One run in two games, one extra-base hit isn’t going to cut it…this time of the year, it (comes down to) timely hitting.”

Despite a strong start by Berrios, a sacrifice bunt by Daulton Varsho put runners in scoring position, but George Springer lined out, throttling the potential threat. Even with this setback, Schneider trusted in his team and their collective decision-making, leading once again to the team’s primary shortstop, Bo Bichette, lamenting the lack of runs in their big-league playoff games.

However, with the series wrapped up, Minnesota now looks forward to their upcoming fixture with home-field advantage cinched as the third seed. The Blue Jays, on the other hand, are left to regroup, review, and refocus for the coming season, with their memorable victories of the 1992 and 1993 World Series now a distant reminiscence.

An honorable mention is due for Justin Morneau, the Canadian baseball great who had the duty of throwing the ceremonial first pitch. Certainly, his MVP career with the Twins served as an inspiration for Minnesota on this occasion.

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