Blue Jays Infielder, Martínez, Suspended 80 Games for Drug Violation After Debut


In a shocking turn of events, the bustling world of Major League Baseball was brought to a standstill this Sunday with the announcement of an 80-game suspension for Toronto Blue Jays infielder, Orelvis Martínez, after a positive test result for the performance-enhancing drug, Clomiphene. This shocking revelation unfolded merely two days following his much-anticipated major league debut.

The talented young infielder, a mere 22 years of age, has been a promising member of the Blue Jays’ 40-man roster since November 2022. His debut on Friday saw him at Cleveland, where he netted 1 for 3, albeit with a strikeout. Notably, the announcement occurred two days following this event.

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Speaking about the incident, Blue Jays manager, John Schneider disclosed that Martínez was greatly upset and disappointed upon knowing about the suspension. He conveyed his remorse and responsibility for his actions to the management, with surprising honesty and maturity for his age. Schneider reflected on Martínez’s deep-seated regret about his mistake and publicly pledged to support him through what’s bound to be a challenging time.

While Martínez’s suspension allows him to return for the last six games of the regular season, he, rather unfortunately, won’t be eligible to participate in this year’s postseason games. Amidst this professional turmoil, he issued an apology to the Blue Jays and their fervent fans.

The remorseful player revealed in his statement that he and his girlfriend had been attempting to start a family for the past two years. In pursuit of this, they sought the advice of a fertility clinic, in their home country of the Dominican Republic. Post consultation, they were prescribed a treatment that included Rejun 50. However, unbeknownst to them, this medication contained Clomiphene, a substance prohibited by the MLB.

Even as they had no intention to engage in performance enhancement, the couple chose to keep the matter private, even within their inner circle. Misplaced trust in the doctor’s assurances that the treatment didn’t contain performance-enhancing drugs led Martínez to overlook disclosing this information to the team or the MLBPA.

Despite his error, Martínez has accepted full responsibility for his lapse and, in his statement, owned up to his suspension.

Martínez’s journey in the Major League began in July 2018 when he was signed by Toronto for a bonus of $3.51 million. Since then, he steadily ascended through the ranks of the Blue Jays minor league system. In his breakout performance in Triple-A Buffalo this season, he hacked it out on 63 games, achieving a batting average of .260, knocking 16 home runs, peaking at 46 RBIs and showcasing an impressive .867 OPS.

Upon hearing about Martínez’s suspension, Ross Atkins, the Blue Jays general manager, expressed his disappointment in the dugout at Progressive Field. He noted that the infielder had been oblivious to the banned nature of the substance.

As a result of this suspension, about half of Martínez’s salary will be curtailed. Baseball enthusiasts may know that his contract with the Blue Jays guarantees him a major and minor league minimum payout of $740,000, and $120,600, respectively.

Assuring fans, Martínez pledged to return to the field in September, having learned significantly from the experience.

Notably, Martínez becomes the eighth MLB player penalized over performance-enhancing drugs this year, and the second under the major league program. Earlier this year, Noelvi Marté, a budding 22-year-old infielder from Cincinnati Reds, had also faced an 80-game suspension for a positive test result for Boldenone.

What remains to be seen in the later parts of the season is whether the eight players suspended this year will exit their suspension to reprise their roles in the field, and whether we can hope for a cleaner, more transparent game – both off and on the field. Time will, doubtless, tell.