Bloc Quebecois Top Lieutenant Kickstarted Electron Campaign By Terming It Irresponsible


Yves Francois Blanchet, Bloc Quebecois’ top lieutenant, kickstarted his electoral campaign by criticizing the Liberal’s leadership, noting that Justin Trudeau is irresponsible.

He disagreed with the prime minister’s decision to call an election at a time when Ottawa was considering imposing mandatory immunization measures for employees of the federal government.

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Blanchet also raised a few issues that would otherwise come up in electioneering campaigns during the pre-COVID era, including health care for the senior members of the community, the environment, pharmaceutical research, labor shortage and tourism.

He affirmed that his people would take caution in the next few weeks now that they are facing a rising infection rate, and would, amongst other things, forbid them from hugging, kissing or shaking hands.

Blanchet noted that the Prime Minister’s main goal is to win by a majority, which he felt would not happen, and that carried with it huge possibility that the people of Quebec would lose many gains, including protection of the French dialect, the secular nature of Quebec, and management of health and agriculture.

Despite strong criticism that his party endured because of the way they choose some of their candidates, Blanchet noted that they are operating at full speed, and that they have the resources they need.

Activists say that the leader is guilty of suspending inauguration assemblies and stepping on the democratic principles Rene Levesque, former premier of Quebec.

In response, Blanchet said that Trudeau’s rushed elections caused them to choose candidates without following investiture rules.