BitMEX Co-Founder Predicts $1 Million Bitcoin Amid Banking Woes


Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of the innovative crypto exchange BitMEX and a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community, recently captured the attention of the financial world with a daring forecast for Bitcoin. Hayes, known for his penetrating insights into the dynamics of the crypto universe, opined on the prospects of Bitcoin amid the unfolding financial difficulties experienced by the New York Community Bank (NYCB).

The NYCB, which finds itself in the grip of significant economic distress, was spotlighted by a Bloomberg report that highlighted its credit rating being relegated to “junk” status by the rating agency Moody’s. Hayes seized upon the bank’s disquieting predicament and the overall tribulations of the banking sector as telltale signs of deep-seated systemic frailties within the bastions of traditional banking. He surmised that such challenges could herald an epoch where cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the forefront, become increasingly sought-after.

Hayes’ perspective is rooted in a critical assessment of the existing banking framework’s long-term viability. He contends that, in an attempt to counterbalance these systemic deficiencies, the US Federal Reserve might be compelled to extend its monetary supply, thereby triggering a more acute financial quandary. In this context, Hayes espouses the conviction that Bitcoin provides a safeguard—a financial haven of sorts—against the vicissitudes of traditional banking systems. His advocacy for Bitcoin as a bulwark against economic turmoil is a consistent theme in his discourse.

Scouring his recent statements reveals Hayes prognosticating that Bitcoin’s value could escalate to the astronomical benchmark of $1 million. This optimistic stance finds echoes in the predictions of other luminary figures within the crypto sphere, like Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3, who has also voiced his belief in Bitcoin’s potential meteoric ascent towards the million-dollar mark. In Mow’s estimation, such a surge could transpire with stunning rapidity, audible in days or weeks, although he concedes the elusive nature of the specific catalyst for such an upswing.

Hayes’ commentary dovetails with his earlier assessments, including a Medium post where he drew a parallel between Bitcoin’s resilience during the March 2023 banking crisis—wherein it experienced an appreciable 40% increase in value—and its likely response to present economic crosswinds, presaging a significant upturn.

The discourse on Bitcoin’s potential explosion in value often intertwines with discussions around its halving events—roughly every four years, these pivotal occurrences bisect the reward granted for mining Bitcoin, thus constricting the influx of new Bitcoin into circulation. The forthcoming halving, slated for April, is anticipated to halve daily Bitcoin production from 900 to just 450 coins, a shift that historically correlates with noteworthy upward valuation in Bitcoin’s market price, fanning the flames of the forecasts of an impending significant uptick in its worth.

Not all seasoned crypto advocates share the unbridled optimism of Hayes and Mow. Tuur Demeester, renowned for his deep-seated Bitcoin enthusiasm, recently tempered expectations with a measure of skepticism, particularly regarding Bitcoin’s ascent to the $1 million landmark by 2028. His circumspection emerges in his response to speculative models, which, despite their elegance, are at the mercy of the often unfathomable and capricious nature of market forces.


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