Bitcoin’s Strength Leaps to 40%, Possible Sights Set on Impressive Rally


In the shifting landscape of cryptocurrency, research agency 10x Research recently underscored that Bitcoin’s Relative Strength has taken an impressive leap to 40%. With this fascinating development, all eyes are now keenly deciphering what substantial moves Bitcoin – the pioneering cryptocurrency – might execute in its swiftly approaching chapter.

Through the thoughtful musings in their intriguing, aptly titled missive “Fake Dip?”, 10x Research managed to rivet the crypto universe’s focus to an intriguing pattern. Historically, Bitcoin has displayed a potential for momentous rallies each time its Relative Strength Index (RSI) plummeted to 40%. This connection led the researchers to a tantalizing speculation that Bitcoin might soon orchestrate a robust rally following its recent decline.

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However, an lurking obstacle exists. Should Bitcoin fail to cross the line in the sand set at the $62,000 level, it might hamper its chances at mobilizing itself for a rally. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has already charged past that line, potentially signifying an ongoing bullish buzz humming around this crypto token.

The researchers further hinted that a catalyst would be necessary for Bitcoin to sustain a soaring rally. Through their lens, four bullish incidents stood out that ushered in the rise of Bitcoin – namely, the unlimited deposit insurance proposed by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Spot Bitcoin ETF applications by BlackRock and Franklin Templeton, and the reported dip of US Core PCE below 3.0%.

Similarly, Andrey Stoychev, Head of Prime Brokerage at Nexo, previously suggested Bitcoin would rely on a catalyst to trigger a significant surge. He purportedly projected that Bitcoin might maintain its leveling around the $67,000 range sans this catalyst.

Although 10x Research conveyed a less optimistic outlook about Bitcoin maintaining a prolonged rally, thanks to their trend model that revealed the currency’s current downtrend, they did not completely discard the prospect of a bullish reversal. The team also disclosed their intent to seize the opportunity of ‘buying the dip’ should Bitcoin dip significantly or rally from its current marker.

Despite the apparent downturn, Crypto analyst Mikybull Crypto dares to predict that Bitcoin is fated to strike new peaks. In his opinion, the present price activity of Bitcoin is contrived to manifest “more fear across the market and then bottom for upward continuation.” Sharing a similar sentiment is fellow crypto analyst, Ali Martinez, who hypothesized that Bitcoin’s bull run is far from concluding, especially considering Bitcoin’s consolidation during the same period across the last two similar runs.

Martinez hypothesizes that Bitcoin’s market apex for the present cycle could very well be over 500 days away. If Bitcoin can break through the resistance level of $69,150, he sees the cryptocurrency ascending to a staggering all-time high (ATH) of $92,190. Crypto analyst PlanB has also forecasted that Bitcoin might amble at the ambitious pace of an inevitable $100,000 by the year’s close.

At this juncture, Bitcoin’s market position is on the incline, trading at approximately $63,500, having vaulted by over 7% in the past day, per CoinMarketCap data. As the crypto market spans the vista of yet another intriguing chapter, Bitcoin remains at the heart of the exhilarating action.