Bitcoin’s Rally at Risk: Analyst Cites Address Growth Downturn


In recent developments within the cryptocurrency sphere, the market has been overshadowed by a bearish backdrop, marked by volatility and uncertainty. Amidst this climate, the Bitcoin (BTC) landscape has seen notable movements, as depicted by a recent analysis from a distinguished crypto analyst known in the digital currency community as Ali.

On December 18, 2023, Ali conveyed key insights via X, the microblogging platform that has become a pivotal space for discourse in the crypto realm. There, he delineated the critical factors that could propel Bitcoin’s price rally forward.

The analyst brought attention to a downturn in network growth for Bitcoin over the last thirty days—a trend stirring doubts about the future direction of the BTC value, which had notably risen to a peak of $44,000. To affirm the continuity of Bitcoin’s price surge, Ali underscored the necessity for a surge in the creation of new Bitcoin addresses, which would lay the groundwork for sustained bullish momentum.

Breaking down the situation, Ali’s post addressed the Bitcoin community:

“There’s been a noticeable dip in #Bitcoin network growth over the past month, casting doubt on the sustainability of $BTC’s recent move to $44,000. For a robust continuation of the bull rally, it’s crucial to see an uptick in the number of new $BTC addresses. This would provide the needed support for sustained bullish momentum.”

Adding to the analytical examination, Ali made it clear that potent support from investors, both retail and institutional, is indispensable for the continued ascension of Bitcoin’s value. The message was accompanied by a graph, lending credence to his forecast.

However, Ali pointed out that if the formation of new Bitcoin addresses fails to match pace with the current price escalation, corrective phases could possibly be on the horizon for the digital currency.

Still, there exists a glimmer of optimism, as the potential approval of a Bitcoin Spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States could potentially catalyze an influx of institutional investments, tipping the scales in favor of a positive trend reversal.

At the time of the analysis, Bitcoin’s trading price sat at $40,980—a slight downturn of over 2% in the ledger of a twenty-four-hour window. CoinMarketCap reflected a parallel dip in market capitalization for the cryptocurrency. Despite these fluctuations, Bitcoin’s year-on-year growth encapsulated an extraordinary 146% increase, with its achievements overshadowing those of 73% of the leading 100 crypto assets and marking it as one of the industry’s stellar performers.

Further insights from Ali revealed that Bitcoin had experienced a descent beneath a critical supply threshold—specifically, the range of $41,200 to $42,400. Within this bracket, a total of 1.87 million addresses had cumulatively amassed roughly 730,000 BTC. Given the recent downturn, the concerns mounting among holders regarding selling off to mitigate potential losses were palpable.

Highlighting ensuing risks, the analyst projected Bitcoin’s next downward motion to settle in a demand zone fluctuating between $37,500 to $38,700. In this particular corridor, approximately 1.28 million addresses have amassed 553,000 BTC tokens.

The continuous flux of Bitcoin’s valuation sets a scene of complexity and anticipation, as analysts like Ali continue to provide crucial insights to navigate the intricate and dynamic domain of cryptocurrency markets.


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