Bitcoin’s Diamond Hands Hold Tight Despite Near Record Valuations


In a competitive dance reminiscent of a high-stakes poker game, Bitcoin, the celebrated digital currency, is coquettishly nearing its previous all-time highs. Unfazed by the fluctuating fortunes of the crypto world, the steadfast ‘diamond hands’ — a colorful term used in the crypto community to denote long-term holders (LTHs)—are not easily coaxed to part with their digital assets. In stark contrast to previous bull markets, the selling rate by these LTHs is surprisingly low despite the tantalizing valuation of nearly $70,000 for Bitcoin, insightfully noted by on-chain analytics firm Glassnode.

The fortitude of ‘diamond hands’—their resolve to hold onto their digital wealth even in the face of soaring Bitcoin valuation—is not a novel phenomenon, though it remains a foundation for maintaining market stability. By Glassnode’s definition, these long-term holders, the custodians of Bitcoin wallets for over 155 days, exemplify investment maturity and a strategic stance that significantly contribute to the market’s resilience.

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Interestingly, these seasoned investors did not scramble to liquidate even when Bitcoin’s valuation danced around $67,722. Though the price had receded 3.5% over the last week, it was still humming lightly, gaining 0.6% in the last 24 hours. This is not mere coincidence but a testament to their unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s long-term growth potential.

Glassnode’s report illuminates another key point—that the long-term holders have not yet reached the marker of selling that usually heralds a market downturn. Their restraint is further highlighted by the market value to realized value (MVRV) ratio, which serves as a barometer of the profitability of long-held Bitcoins. Despite the lucrative unrealized profits that the LTHs could be swimming in, history tells us that the race to sell doesn’t ignite until this ratio reaches specific highs, an event that hasn’t occurred in spite of recent peaks.

In the heady climate of the Bitcoin ascent to $73,800 in March, which marked the latest all-time high, the long-term holders did not appear to be the leading sellers. Glassnode highlighted that only a modest 519k BTC was equipped with “For Sale” signs during this period. This figure is modest compared to previous bull runs, where monthly sales notoriously flirted with nearly one million BTC. Interestingly, “20% of the sold 519k BTC originated from Grayscale ETF holders,” as reported by Glassnode. This sales restraint suggests a tactical approach to holding and a firm conviction in future price appreciation.

Looming in the horizon is a future robust with optimism. Glassnode predicts that LTHs will persist as dynamic protagonists in the market. Their recent, strategic re-accumulation post the significant distribution around the dizzying $73k all-time high price suggests readiness for another exhilarating rally, possibly to peaks that tower above current limits.

Supporting this narrative, Cryptorphic, a renowned crypto analyst, has forecasted a gleaming future, with Bitcoin potentially reaching as high as $156,000 by May 2025. His predictions echo the pervasive sentiment around Bitcoin—one of undeterred bullishness.

Now, the crypto community watches with bated breath, anticipating the outcome of this high-stakes digital dance. The firm belief in Bitcoin’s growth, the undeterred optimism, and the strategic moves of the ‘diamond hands’ all hint at a thrilling rally ahead—an electrifying testament to the allure of the crypto world. Only time will tell which trajectory this digital comet will follow.