Bitcoin’s Bull Run Continues; Analyst Predicts $91,500 by 2024


In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, the trailblazing digital asset, refuses to bow out despite a jarring tumble from a notable $69,000 high. The bull-run momentum remains resolutely relentless, hovering staunchly above the $67,000 mark. A palpable bullish sentiment pervades the virtual trading market, driven by the voracious expectation that the vanguard cryptocurrency is readying itself for a meaningful upswing in price.

Well-known crypto analyst, CryptoCon, has offered some intriguing insights into Bitcoin’s potential growth. His assessment uncovers that Bitcoin has yet to reach the cycle apex, indicating there is more room for growth. His method of prediction involves the so-called ‘Magic Bands,’ a four-level model signifying various significant stages of Bitcoin’s market cycle.

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Historically speaking, the ‘Magic Bands’ have always finalized before the ultimate Bitcoin price ascension. As it stands, the current cycle only stands at the 2.5 level of the Magic Bands, which suggests – and hopes – further progression is on the horizon.

The forthcoming milestone is the Level 3 Magic Band, often associated with a dramatic surge in Bitcoin’s price. Fresh off the heels of the Level 2 completion that secured Bitcoin at an impressive new record exceeding $72,300, the digital asset is currently grappling with resistance at Level 2.5.

Should Bitcoin successfully bypass said resistance, CryptoCon predicts an astronomical surge of 35%, potentially breaking into the coveted $91,500 realm by 2024. “Taking some time to reach it at Level 3 of the Magic Bands, but it’s the next step,” CryptoCon offered.

The question now buzzing in every investor’s mind centers around when the Bitcoin price is destined to peak. CryptoCon’s Magic Bands analysis suggests that the cycle peak might be farther off than anticipated. Even after reaching the Level 3 band, there’s a final Level 4 yet to be navigated.

Upon conquering Level 3 and residing comfortably at $91,500, Bitcoin’s price may experience a period of consolidation before embarking on the final journey to Level 4. Should this take place, CryptoCon foresees the Bitcoin price impressively climbing above the $123,000 threshold before its cycle reaches its zenith.

If one were to place stock in CryptoCon’s analysis, Bitcoin’s journey is only half-accomplished – an additional 100% upturn from its current standing remains possible before the bull market call time. According to this forecast, the cycle’s climax is set for around 2026.

This bullish narrative holds true as Bitcoin’s value continues to resist the bearish pressure, upheld by resolute bulls in the face of sellers’ relentless assault. Despite a minor setback of 4.3% decrease over the past week, the cryptocurrency still commands a robust $67,900 as of last examination. The world holds its breath as we await the next move in this high-stakes game of digital finance.

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