BitcoinBlack to Release the First VIP-Level Bitcoin Credit Card


The Toronto-based cryptocurrency investment fund, FD7 has announced that they would be increasing their investment in BitcoinBlack. They plan to raise their initial investment from 33 percent to 66 percent, attaining the voting shares status in the company.

The funding will help BitcoinBlack expand globally as it seeks to establish itself as “The World Most Exclusive Metal Black Card”. The company plan to issue their inaugural batch of metal black credit cards to customers on 15th June 2021.

Speaking about the new venture, BitcoinBlack Chief Operating Officer Phil Payjack said that cardholders would be able to spend their Bitcoin wherever VISA is accepted worldwide. Customers will also be able to access exclusive VIP perks that include private jest, luxury cars, and hotels among others.

Prakash Chand, FD7 Managing Partner, who has been in Bitcoin investment since 2011speaking about the new venture said they have doubled their BitcoinBlack share because they will be offering the card to customers not just in Canada, but worldwide.

BitcoinBlack cardholders will be able to make purchases in a format they are familiar with.BitcoinBlack metal credit cards have emerged to offer clients luxury status, it will be the first VIP-level Bitcoin credit card.

The card is connected to the BitcoinBlack wallet that will be available to cardholders through download. If interested in accessing the BitcoinBlack card, one can apply on the company’s website.


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