Bitcoin Whipsaws After ETF Fake-Out Roils Markets


A dramatic wave washed over the Bitcoin landscape as a purported cyber breach into the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s digital realms sent chills down the market’s spine. A phantom approval of 11 spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) led to a whirlwind in Bitcoin’s valuation, catapulting its price from $46,800 to the peak of $48,000 before it cascaded to the depths of $45,000—all within the breath of a terse 20 minutes.

This convulsion has not been in vain, as it offered market analysts a glimpse into the volatile heart of the cryptocurrency market, setting the stage for how investors might respond to the actual approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs in the fleeting moments ahead.

Vetle Lunde of K33 Research scrutinized the event, postulating that the market displays a ‘sell-the-news’ bent, where initial price surges are quickly overtaken by a deluge of selling pressure. “The market showed its hands yesterday; the ETF approval rehearsal favors a sell-the-news reaction. Immediately after the announcement, longs quickly crowded the market, enforcing a whipsaw in the following minutes,” Lunde analyzed. Until Bloomberg rectified the misleading information, the market had embraced the hoax, reacting in real-time with a notable price swell followed by a subsequent retreat.

The true state of affairs only crystallized once SEC Chair Gary Gensler acknowledged the misinformation, underscoring the cryptocurrency market’s susceptibility to regulatory whispers and upheavals.

Meanwhile, the team at QCP Capital approached the unfolding drama with light-hearted sobriety, suggesting that the market had potentially anticipated the prospect of a true ETF approval. QCP Capital inferred a cautionary tale from this event, presuming that an authentic approval might fall short of igniting the blazing rally some expect. They pointed to the indicators of market sentiment, such as the heightened options volatility and spot-futures basis, offering sagacious projections of forthcoming support and resistance levels for the cryptocurrency.

Daan Crypto Trades distilled the saga into prognostic insights, identifying the faux ETF announcement as a marker for Bitcoin’s possible trajectory post genuine ETF approval. Concomitant fluctuations in the ETH/BTC ratio suggested a budding trend, with Ethereum potentially gaining ground against Bitcoin in the aftermath of this regulatory theater.

In the aftermath of the tumult, Bitcoin steadied itself, exchanging hands at $45,346, its price capriciously threading through the plotted uncertainties and expectations of investors keenly awaiting the next twist in the tale.


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