Bitcoin Whale Emerges from Decade-Long Slumber, Transfers $16.73M Amid Surge


The unpredictable world of cryptocurrency has seen a stirring resurgence, with Bitcoin continuing its relentless pursuit, striving to surpass the coveted $70,000 mark. The digital currency is presently trading hands at an exhilarating price of above $69,000, marking a 1.6% increase within the last 24 hours alone. The surge in bitcoin’s value is attributed to an inrush of enthusiastic short-term holders and Bitcoin whales, a term referring to investors with substantial holdings, making strategic moves to bolster their portfolios.

In the thick of this, an intriguing nugget surfaced from Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics platform. Lookonchain’s eagle-eyed observers detected an anomaly in the form of an awakening of a dormant whale wallet. This wallet, which had laid dormant for a good ten years, emerged from its slumber to transfer a staggering sum of 246 BTC, equivalent to $16.73 million.

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This occurrence is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bitcoin’s robust blockchain, which houses an array of early investors. These financial hulks possess significant Bitcoin reserves that have largely remained dormant over the years. However, the last six months have seen sporadic bursts of activity from these dormant Bitcoin addresses. This trend has been fanning the flames of intrigue among Bitcoin investors, primarily attributed to Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, shattering previous records.

The latest addition to the awakenings, as per Lookonchain, is a new Bitcoin whale address. The whale address, code-named “1CLxmH”, held 1,701 BTC (worth approximately $115 million) during its decadelong dormancy. It recently sprung into action, transferring a considerable 246 BTC, equating to $16.73 million, into a new wallet. Notably, on-chain data uncovers that this whale address acquired a significant 4,272 BTC back in 2013, when Bitcoin was only valued at an average price of $29.39.

Yet, no event intrigues speculative minds more than the reactivation of dormant addresses. More often than not, it’s viewed as a precursor signalling a significant sell-off by Bitcoin whales. Such purchases inevitably result in temporary price declines and increased sell-off pressure from skittish short-term investors. Although the intent behind awakening dormant addresses remains speculative at best, not all such transactions necessarily indicate a profit-taking spree.

Simultaneously, the massive Bitcoin market cap currently stands at an astonishing $1.3 trillion. But what fuels the excitement further is the transaction details revealing that the funds were diverted into two new private wallets. A total of 50 BTC was moved to address “1PRREb,” and a whopping 195 BTC found its new home at address “bc1qga.” As of this writing, the original address “1CLxmH” still possesses a treasure trove of 1,455 BTC amounting to a handsome $100.89 million.

In tandem with this trend, Lookonchain recorded another sizeable acquisition by a second whale address. Since March 6th, this address has amassed 1,308 BTC, valued at approximately $89.75 million at an average unit cost of $68,617. This was later topped off with an additional purchase of 113.735 BTC, worth a hefty $7.85 million dollars from Binance. With Bitcoin currently valuing at $69,348, the wallet now commands $90.7 million worth of the cryptocurrency.

Further corroborating the accumulation trend, Santiment, another blockchain analytics platform, revealed that wallets holding between 100 and 100,000 BTC have made acquisitions equating to a titanic $21.6 billion worth of the digital currency over the past three months. This reaffirms a promising outlook for Bitcoin, cementing its status as a robust, strategic asset for both fresh and seasoned investors.