Bitcoin Value Tumbles, Expert Highlights Crucial Support Levels Ahead


A daunting 20% tumble in Bitcoin value has ensued in a merciless, widespread crash in the cryptocurrency market, pushing Bitcoin’s price below the $60,000 mark. This slump has cast a shadow on various pivotal support points for the digital currency, with several points witnessing a less-than-favorable drop. In the wake of this unsettling fluctuation, cryptanalysis expert Norok puts forth a valuable insight that lends perspective to Bitcoin’s current state and the road ahead.

As per Norok’s close examination and assessment on the TradingView platform, $51,800 holds the key as the fundamental support level for Bitcoin. He highlights that Bitcoin has, amid the tumult, backtracked to its prior support level – a phenomenon last recorded in December of 2023, thereby making this a critical sustenance point.

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Meanwhile, however, a formidable support built up by bullish forces at the $62,000 has faced breach at the hands of bears and succumbed to resistance. Despite this sudden turbulence rattling the cryptocurrency landscape, Norok remains unshaken in his belief that Bitcoin has not ventured into bearish territory.

According to Norok, the only circumstance that can possibly warrant a shift in his current stance would be if the Bitcoin price were to crash below the $51,800 support point. He elucidates that such a prospect would undermine any bullish hypotheses at play for Bitcoin – thus marking the end of the thriving bull trend straddling 2023 and 2024.

In the near term, the cryptanalysis expert singles out $56,900 as an essential point that bulls must secure to strengthen their hold over the present bullish trend. “Price must hold here at this Support and then it can recapture the cloud to resume to Bullish Trend,” states Norok, emphasizing the high significance of this juncture in determining Bitcoin’s price action.

A primary catalyst behind Bitcoin’s recent price dip has been a trend reversal from inflows to outflows in Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Since these ETFs demand the issuers to possess Bitcoin to back the assets sold to investors, inflows usually signal bullish conditions as these issuers start purchasing Bitcoin to meet this requirement.

However, with investors initiating withdrawals, the situation has flipped, ushering in substantial selling pressure in the market. Spot Bitcoin ETFs have now logged an unprecedented six successive trading days of outflows, peaking at a historic outflow high of $563.7 million on Wednesday, based on data from Coinglass.

Should these outflows persist, they could further send Bitcoin’s price tumbling down. On the current trajectory, Bitcoin could soon find itself testing Norok’s pivotal $51,800 mark. However, any shift towards inflows could stimulate issuers to buy Bitcoin, possibly steering the digital currency towards recovery.