Bitcoin Tumbles at $60,000 Edge as Bears Eye $56,800 Mark


In the fluid world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is finding itself on unstable grounds again. At the time of the report, the value has taken a downturn, erasing the weekend’s profits and trembling on the edge of the $60,000 precipice. The pressure from bearish investors increasing their shorts, may very well push the coin further downhill, possibly even beneath the psychologically significant mark of $56,800.

Currently standing as the world’s most expensive coin, Bitcoin is at a crucial crossroad as it hovers around the $60,000 edge. Analyzing the situation further, the on-chain data appears to hint at delicate balance at spot rates.

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According to a recent post by Glassnode, a leading blockchain analytics firm, Bitcoin is presently navigating previously uncharted waters. Despite the coin having seen a substantial surge, clocking up a rally of over 100% during the past year, short-term holders (STHs) are finding themselves in troubled waters.

These STHs encompasses speculators and traders who acquired their coins in the past 155 days or prior to the conclusion of 2023. An intriguing period that saw the prices climb to record-breaking heights, leading to unprecedented circulation of coins by mid-March 2024, and speculative frenzy. Unfortunately, bitcoin’s meteoric rise halted abruptly, with prices wildly fluctuating after peaking at $73,800.

By the time mid-May rolled in, Bitcoin had tumbled to $56,800 with a momentary reprieve as it rose to approximately $71,500. However, a crucial checkpoint at $72,000 that was eagerly watched by traders was not surpassed, marking a significant momentum shift in favor of sellers at press time.

The detailed analysis by Glassnode points out the fact that though STHs are indeed feeling the weight of the current state of affairs, only those investors who have held on their coins for over a year are profiting. With a two-fold surge in the past 12 months, Bitcoin remains, technically, in an upward trend mirroring gains from the latter half of 2023.

Another key insight gleaned from the data reveals that long-term holders (LTHs), particularly those who have held their bitcoin for the past five to seven years, have realized prices well below $7300. This fascinating scenario means that despite the current turbulence in price, these long-standing holders have not suffered losses, and are in a position to wait out the shake-out phase.

Intriguingly, concurrent data from analytics platform, Lookonchain shows that Bitcoin whales, or holders of large amounts of bitcoin, have been transferring coins to Binance, which is one of the world’s most sizable cryptocurrency exchanges. Historically, such transfers to centralized exchanges have been perceived as bearish indicators, thereby negatively impacting the prices.

As recently as July 3, it was identified that one such whale moved 1,023 BTC, valued at around $62 million, to Binance. Previously, another whale made a significant transfer of 1,723 BTC, worth more than a staggering $106 million, to the notable crypto exchange.