Bitcoin Transactions Surge to Record High, Fueled by New Runes Protocol


In the wake of the recent halving, the Bitcoin network has seen a remarkable upswing in trading activity, as evidenced by on-chain data. Though the halving itself certainly garnered ample attention, the current surge in activity seems to have a different catalyst.

Data gathered from IntoTheBlock, an on-chain analytics platform, indicates a brisk growth in daily BTC transactions in the past couple of days. These transactions recently hit a new peak of 927,000, a rise attributed largely to a new token standard named Runes.

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Bitcoin’s value has been on an upward trajectory since the start of the year, coupled with an explosive rise in interest in the top cryptocurrency. This burgeoning interest translates to an increased number of people buying, selling, and trading BTC, subsequently leading to an exponential hike in daily transactions.

However, previous months saw a stagnation in the number of daily transactions. The record of 724,000 transactions seemed unattainable to surpass, until just this week.

The recent surge in activity is linked to the introduction of the Runes token standard to the Bitcoin blockchain. This new protocol gives users a streamlined avenue for creating fungible tokens and it appears to have opened a whole new world of possibilities. Runes allows for the creation of non-fungible tokens more efficiently than the existing BRC-20 token system, which may have contributed to its immediate popularity among users and developers. In fact, after its launch, 68% of all Bitcoin transactions were attributed to Runes.

The number of transactions involving Runes skyrocketed to an impressive 753,000 on Tuesday, April 23. As a result, the total number of transactions that day exceeded 927,000, shattering the previous record of 724,000 set in December of 2023.

However, it appears the initial enthusiasm for Runes was somewhat fleeting. Recent data shows that the number of transactions involving Runes has dropped rather abruptly to 104,800, accounting for just 26% of the total transactions.

As of writing this, Bitcoin is trading at an impressive $63,711, with a price resistance now hovering around the $64,500 mark. Predicting Bitcoin’s price trajectory can be a complex endeavor, often proving elusive even for experienced analysts and traders.

Many are still anticipating a bullish effect of the recent halving on Bitcoin’s prices. The formation of a Bitcoin bull flag seems to suggest the potential for an upward trend in the near future. Conversely, cryptocurrency expert Peter Brandt theorizes that Bitcoin may have already achieved its peak in this market cycle. His postulation rests on the exponential decay thesis, indicative of a reduction in the percentage gain of Bitcoin price in subsequent market cycles.