Bitcoin to Hit $100K Post-Halving, Cardano’s Future Uncertain


In a recent exposition of the crypto market’s potential trajectory, Tom Dunleavy, the esteemed Partner and Chief Investment Officer at MV Capital, provided a detailed rationale behind his bold predictions for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Cardano. Dunleavy foresees a significant surge in the value of Bitcoin, anticipating that the preeminent cryptocurrency will ascend to a jaw-dropping $100,000 in the foreseeable future.

Central to Dunleavy’s prognosis is the phenomenon known as the Bitcoin Halving—an event that slashes the reward for Bitcoin mining in half and fundamentally affects the supply of the cryptocurrency. In a dialogue with the crypto community’s notable voice, Scott Melker, Dunleavy averred that a cursory glance at historical trends post-halving suggests that his estimation of a $100,000 Bitcoin might, in fact, be conservative. With prior halving instances preceding at least a fourfold increase in Bitcoin’s price, he stands by the plausibility of such a rise.

In parallel narratives that affirm the significance of the Halving, industry leaders like Skybridge Capital’s CEO Anthony Scaramucci have projected a more zenith-reaching price of $170,000 for Bitcoin, positing a parallel history of value quadrupling that trails each halving cycle. A retrospective gaze identifies a pattern of staggering gains: an 8,000% augment post-2012 halving, a 284% escalation post-2016, and a 559% increase following the 2020 event.

Further buttressing Bitcoin’s potential upswing are emerging, crypto-centric financial instruments such as Spot Bitcoin ETFs, alongside macroeconomic shifts like anticipated interest rate cuts. Both elements wield influence over the market, the former through heightened demand and the latter, by fashioning a propitious climate for Bitcoin to thrive.

Extending his prescience to the cryptocurrency Cardano, Dunleavy prognosticated a waning future, suggesting a dimming spotlight as new entrants overshadow its presence. The lack of a reflexive stablecoin and a dormant DeFi scene on the network constitute the underpinning of his forecast. Detrimentally, the network’s initiator, Charles Hoskinson, faces criticism from Dunleavy for an intransigence that ostensibly stifles adaptation and growth, catalyzing a project migration to rival networks.

Casting a skeptic’s gaze on Cardano, Dunleavy emphasized a choked flow of Venture Capital, referring to the indispensable propulsion and market gravitas it renders to a network, thus branding Cardano’s backdrop as lackluster and its future, tentative at best.

Despite the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, the insights from figures like Dunleavy shape the perspectives of investors and enthusiasts alike, sketching out possible financial contours in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As prices fluctuate and markets ebb and flow, the cryptic codes of future wealth remain as elusive and alluring as ever.


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