Bitcoin Recovers with 120% Growth After FTX Exchange Fiasco


In a dazzling turn of events, October painted an illustrious tale of Bitcoin’s ascent on the canvas of the crypto market. Despite contrasting outlooks from crypto analysts – some forecasting a bearish climate and some holding a bullish hope – for the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has emerged as the crowning glory.

A crypto connoisseur, operating under the pseudonym Mags on the X platform – previously Twitter – shared an optimistic view of Bitcoin’s price trajectory, countering bearish conjectures surrounding the flagship cryptocurrency.

It wasn’t too long ago that the crypto world was abuzz with predictions forecasting Bitcoin’s plummet to a dismal $12,000. Contrary to these apprehensions, Mags presents a distinct perspective, arguing that Bitcoin’s consistent yet gradual rise indicates a different course.

Proposing a captivating theory, Mags suggests that the current phase of Bitcoin mirrors a stage of vertical accumulation, implying a parabolic explosion in the offing. He goes on to argue that those anticipating a drastic drop are in a state of denial.

He continues to postulate that the majority of bearish forecasts hinge on the unlikely occurrence of a black swan event, an unpredictable incident that could potentially bring about critical consequences. Nonetheless, Mags asserts that this much-dreaded moment has already transpired, rendering bearish sentiments void. The COVID-19-induced market crash served as the black swan event of 2021’s bull cycle, while the FTX exchange collapse played a similar role in the current cycle.

In the aftermath of the FTX disaster, Bitcoin plummeted to a frail $15,500. However, proving its resilience, the premier cryptocurrency has since flourished, recording an impressive 120% growth post the financial catastrophe, striking testament to Bitcoin’s sturdy nature and its capacity to recover from unexpected adversities with panache.

Taking a closer look at the Bitcoin market reveals a thrilling past month with a remarkable surge of over 25%. Contrarily, the past week painted a rather quiet picture, with a minimalist 1.9% price escalation. As of the present moment, Bitcoin stands at a robust $34,765, reflecting a modest 1.5% jump within the last day. Despite successfully surpassing the $35,000 benchmark and touching a peak of $35,700 last week, Bitcoin has struggled to maintain its momentum and continue its joyride above the $35,000 mark.

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