Bitcoin Poised for Strong July with Predictions of Breaking $60,000 Barrier


After weathering a turbulent June, the Bitcoin markets began this week on a promising note, signaling the potential end of June’s correction. As investors compute the probability of Bitcoin’s price direction in July, a consortium of on-chain data, historic price trends, and tactical transactions project an optimistic month ahead.

In spite of the fluctuations in the short term, an unflappable positive sentiment persists when considering Bitcoin’s future. Noteworthy is the development of an additional $500 million in bids below the spot price, and a surge in open interest; these findings are consolidated by the renowned crypto analyst, Daan Crypto Trades.

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Over the majority of the weekend, Bitcoin held firm just above the $61,000 mark as proponents contended to impede a retraction below $60,000. As per a BTCUSDT graph from Crypto Trades, a number of tactical investors are waiting in the sidelines to capitalize on Bitcoin if the value plunges below $50,000.

Quite remarkably, this tactical strategy culminated in over $500 million in buy prices woven throughout the weekend, extending from over $60,500 to under $58,500. These calculations form a robust base of buying pressure that bolsters the currency against dramatic declines. Hence, given the intricate support levels, the possibility of a dramatic price collapse under $60,000 seems increasingly unlikely.

Moreover, Crypto Trades highlighted a parallel upswing in the Bitcoin open interest. Current data from CoinGlass substantiates this statement, showing a 3.11% surge in open interest across a variety of crypto exchanges over the past day. This growth in open interest introduces fresh finances into the market, implying an optimistic, bullish outlook amongst traders.

July is anticipated to be an interesting month for Bitcoin. Its price activity in June certainly shook many investors. In particular, Bitcoin, the digital asset noted a downturn of 9.85% in June, offsetting in part an 11.07% surge in May. This demonstrates the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and echoes Bitcoin’s undulating journey over the past few years. Inevitably, this uncertainty has led to a more prudent approach amongst traders when contemplating their Bitcoin positions for the upcoming month.

As it stands, Bitcoin’s value is $63,200 and has risen by 3% in the past 24 hours. Looking at historical precedents, Bitcoin is likely to rise in July. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez observes that when Bitcoin suffers a blow in June, it typically bounces back robustly in July. In fact, unfavorable price developments in June have historically been followed by an average return of 7.98% and a median return of 9.60% in July. If this pattern holds true, Bitcoin might wrap up the month between $68,000 and $69,500.