Bitcoin Poised for Bullish Phase, Predicts Crypto Expert ‘Wise Advice’


In the realm of Bitcoin, it’s always a question of when the pendulum might swing again and in which direction it might propel. Currently, Bitcoin’s trajectory hints at a potentially massive jump, as indicated by key analytics from the distinguished crypto expert dubbed “Wise Advice”. Their analysis zeroes in on the weekly Bitcoin Bollinger Band, a specialized chart that displays a snapshot of prices and volatility through time, which has spiraled down to its second most narrow width in six years.

The smallness of this band tends to preface significant transformations in the world of Bitcoin value. Drawing from patterns of precedent, Wise Advice elucidated that a similar tightening was spotted before Bitcoin’s meteoric ascent of a good 200% from a standard of $24,000 to an apex reached within a span of five months.

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The Bollinger Bands are a critical element in ascertaining what the market pulse of Bitcoin might be. They are built by applying a moving average and an upper and lower band, whose positions deviate from the moving average by a standard amount. As the bands tighten, market volatility descends. Subsequently, the narrowed bands are cues for traders that the market is bracing for a big move.

Bitcoin hasn’t been consistent in veritably riding the upward wave. The price recently encountered a hitch and peaked at $63,790 but fell back to around $62,563. However, these minor hiccups don’t necessarily signal a slump. In fact, data from the past suggests that Bitcoin tends to recuperate in July following a falter in June, marking an average comeback of 9.6%.

Supporting this positive projection is the hefty influx into the U.S Bitcoin ETFs. As of the past Monday, these fund flows amounted to $129.45 million, a significant high not witnessed since early June. Fidelity’s FBTC and Bitwise’s BITB stood out with robust inputs, implying that the interest from institutions remains healthy regardless of the ebb and flow in the market.

While the market’s past performance has no bearing on its future results, these patterns provide participants fascinating insights. A contraction in the Bollinger Bands could mean the beginning of a bullish phase. One can only wait with bated breath, but if the past is any sort of compass, the Bitcoin community might expect to be riding high in the coming months.