Bitcoin Nears Historic $50,000 Mark as 91% of Addresses Profit


In an exhilarating stride toward a historic price point, Bitcoin is teetering on the brink of the $50,000 threshold, marking a resurgence not witnessed since the winter days of December 2021. Buoyed by a week of exceedingly optimistic price behavior, the surge has instigated a notable milestone: upwards of 90% of all Bitcoin addresses are now reveling in profitability.

A deep dive into data courtesy of IntoTheBlock illuminates this phenomenon, revealing an impressive 91% of Bitcoin addresses bending the grid into profitable territory. This burgeoning collective of holders and investors finds themselves perched on the cusp of further incentive to maintain their digital assets, particularly with the impending Bitcoin halving event drawing near, a process known to historically catalyze value escalation in the cryptocurrency market.

The pace of Bitcoin’s value appreciation has been nothing short of dramatic, its growth spurt of 14.4% propelling it to a pinnacle of $48,500 on February 11—a zenith unwitnessed in the span of 26 months. This buoyant leap stands in stark contrast to the prior month of lackluster performance, which followed in the wake of the US’s introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

The narrative woven by IntoTheBlock’s metrics paints a graphic picture: some 46.87 million addresses now bask in the glow of profit, constituting an imposing 90.53% of the total Bitcoin ecosystem. In parallel, a minority of 3.44 million addresses, roughly 6.64%, languishes in the red. Meanwhile, a small contingent, approximately 1.46 million addresses or about 2.83%, hovers at the break-even verge.

In equal measure, IntoTheBlock’s granular analytics also tracked the fortunes of those investing within the very specific price bracket of $40,919.92 to $55,413.77. Here, a resounding 83.17% emerged victorious, pocketing gains—a bullish beacon for other investors.

As Bitcoin unwaveringly charts a course towards the illustrious $50,000 mark, the burgeoning sentiment can only be characterized as bullish. This palpable optimism is bolstered by the reporting from BitMEX Research, highlighting that spot Bitcoin ETFs have now accumulated over $10 billion in Bitcoin holdings—a statistic that bodes well for the cryptocurrency’s continued ascent.

The potent mix of these investment vehicles and the much-anticipated halving—cycles that have invariably seen Bitcoin’s value soar—could potentially launch the digital currency to staggering new heights. Some analysts prognosticate a climb to $60,000 pre-halving, with projections stretching to a staggering $100,000 by year’s end.

With the cryptocurrency’s trajectory poised for ascent, the coming months could very well etch new chapters in the annals of Bitcoin’s storied journey, captivating the attention of financiers and technologists alike in this epoch of digital wealth revolution.

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Santiago Contreras has a degree in economic journalism from the Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela. He also has a master's degree in communication in organizations from the Complutense University of Madrid. In his extensive professional experience, he has practiced journalism for more than 25 years in audiovisual and print media, as a journalist, editor and editor-in-chief. He was a professor of journalism, advertising and marketing at the Universidad de los Andes. Currently, he combines his journalistic practice with his work as a professional writer and communication consultant.


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